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Suspension of mesh procedures must be immediate, until such times as we really understand the risks from this
procedure. We also believe that compelling doctors to report adverse incidents related to mesh implants must be
introduced. Transvaginal Mesh devices are having a devastating impact on tens of thousands of women across the
world and hundreds in Scotland. We believe that fully informed consent must be provided as well as stringent
monitoring, assessment and registration of this procedure. We believe the Scottish Government should register all
medical devices, this would not stifle innovation it would help with patient safety. Please sign our petition to support
a suspension of polypropylene Transvaginal Mesh devices.

Comments posted

I have been suffering immense pain as a result of a mesh implant. I had no idea I had a permanent medical mesh implant inside me and that this was not designed to come out once placed. I did not consent to mesh being used. I have a very young family and am the main provider for them. Many people have made a significant amount of money from mesh products, many people now stand to lose a lot of money as a result of the impending litigation. People are scared. However the only people that really matter in all of this are the women who are affected by the mesh and all the family and friends who are trying so hard to support them through immense physical and psychological pain. I want to see and enjoy my children growing up and provide for them. I live every day trying to do this now, however in pain, trying to hide this from them and all the time with the immense worry of whether I will be able to continue to do this. We need organised and trusted specialist care from whoever in the world has the best experience in this highly specialised area of healthcare. We need understanding, counselling and ongoing support as patients and also for our families who are significantly traumatised. We need respect and where necessary financial support for our families. We do not need to be punished further by being caught in the cross fire of acceptance that mistakes have been made in using these mesh devices in UK women. We deserve humanity and compassion.
Lisa Anderson
21:56 on 30 Apr 2014

Mesh hurts men and women. It ruins marriages and destroys our bodies. If polypropolene leaching into our water from plastic bottles is a major concern then why isn't it a major concern when they put it in our bodies!
Venita Reich
21:13 on 30 Apr 2014

This must be dealt with.
Caroline Mcallister
18:48 on 30 Apr 2014

This needs to stop
Dawn Rennie
16:57 on 30 Apr 2014

The past 10yrs of my life have been denied me because of this procedure, i have been left mentally and physically scared and life for me is in bed, the pain I endure as soon as I am on my feet is excruciating and my tummy swells where you would think I was having triplets and have great difficulty passing urine. I could go on and on telling you how bad it has been but know after reading other comments we're all dealing with the same pain and betrayal. Please put a stop to this now and don't let another woman endure this suffering
Ann Campbell
13:05 on 30 Apr 2014

My mother in law has suffered terribly because of this procedure, 10 yrs down the line with absolutely no hope of reversal and still going through agonizing pain daily. This should never have been allowed to happen in this day and age and disgusts me that Alex Neil continues to support such an attrocitie shame shame shame on him
Sharon Campbell
12:36 on 30 Apr 2014

I've had a TVT for 10 years and thankfully had no problems with it so far, but if women are suffering then this has to be sorted !! Keep strong and keep fighting !!!
11:45 on 30 Apr 2014

The sooner this is looked at the better
Shona Mcleish
9:43 on 30 Apr 2014

It will not take away my mesh and my pain, the mesh ruined my life, i'm 100% unable to do a job, live just half the day :( "Plastic" in a women her body ? we can even get allergy and cancer from it ... But this law can save other women!!!
Janneke Wijchers
8:54 on 30 Apr 2014

My parents were born in Scotland. My relatives lives in Scotland. Thank you Scotland for taking action against mesh. I am very proud of my heritage.
Anne Mertens
8:26 on 30 Apr 2014

My daughter is mesh injured. Please stop the use of mesh. It has ruined her life.
Anne Mertens
8:23 on 30 Apr 2014

My daughter is mesh injured. She is in unbearable pain. It has ruined her life.
Richard Mertens
8:22 on 30 Apr 2014

A lifetime of infection - Please include free antibiotic prescriptions for victims.
5:39 on 30 Apr 2014

I had this done in 2007 and have had nothing but problems ever after. I actually had this done twice and it's a nightmare.
Joan Bueter
0:20 on 30 Apr 2014

A had a mesh put in 2010 from day 1 i had pain fhe docter never listen to me and they say the problem is in your head not the mesh .... i removed the mesh 5-03-2014 from day 1 am pain free ......
Daniella Wurms
0:08 on 30 Apr 2014

Please ban the use of these and compensate those who have suffered as a result . I have a friend who is still suffering as it has broken away and lodged itself in other parts of her body . This should never have been passed as safe and an investigation should be instructed.
Jean Moyes
21:19 on 29 Apr 2014

I am reading these comments and the tears are flowing. I thought I was the only person who was having 'issues' and that my complications were unusual. Couldnt be further from the truth!! I struggle on a daily basis with extreme pain, trying to maintain a normal life. This has to STOP! It is inhumane.
20:36 on 29 Apr 2014

These women deserve justice.
Samantha McHugh
20:36 on 29 Apr 2014

Please support the suspension of TMD's and prevent further pain and resources.
Aileen McKay
18:58 on 29 Apr 2014

Have watched my friend suffer terribly. This must be stopped.
Kirsty Bell
18:09 on 29 Apr 2014

Should be taken off the market
Isobel Reside
17:19 on 29 Apr 2014

i had mesh put in 2011.have never been right .in pain all the time.
18:16 on 28 Apr 2014

sooner this petition is activated the better
Nan Taylor
16:11 on 28 Apr 2014

I had my TVT inserted in 2007 and have been attending GP since 2008 with severe pain. At long last someone is listening!
Elaine Mcconaghy
7:49 on 28 Apr 2014

This mesh is of the Devil himself. Wrecking so many lives.
Kimberlee Quinn
7:06 on 28 Apr 2014

Mesh is inhumane and should not be implanted in women!!!
Paula LeCompte
5:53 on 28 Apr 2014

As as pip lady and on my 7th op i know how let down by the government so support mesh victims
Tracey Ahmet
2:03 on 28 Apr 2014

Please don't let any more women get hurt by this.
Katherine Bringham
1:58 on 28 Apr 2014

I send my love and support to every mesh victim...
Samantha Squires
1:43 on 28 Apr 2014

I have been in severe pain over 3 years. The mesh had perforated my bowel .... discovered when I was taken to ER and had surgery. I am presently in a rehab facility awaiting surgery to have mesh removed and colonscopy reversed. Please stop implanting the mesh!!!
Roslyn Bourgeois
1:09 on 28 Apr 2014

The medical device industry enjoys unprecedented power in the U.S. Our FDA charter for these devices was written in 1974. The regulators are conflicted because industry fees provide the budget and dictate the activity. This should be a caution to any country that uses the U.S. FDA as the 'gold standard'!
Joleen Chambers
0:50 on 28 Apr 2014

Mesh has had a devastating effect on my life and my family and should have never been marketed without long term studies.
Terri Rogers
0:34 on 28 Apr 2014

I believe a world wide investigation of the effects of surgical mesh on the human body is long over due.It is time they disclosed exactly what they are implanting in every device they manufacture as in every other product, especially a permanent device.
Jennifer Radema
0:20 on 28 Apr 2014

I hope the health minister doesn't try to pass the buck after all he is top dog here so come on do the job you are being paid for and get this terrible procedure stopped immediately
Margaret Green
23:22 on 27 Apr 2014

Is this only transvaginal mesh or is it all mesh that has been used
Liz Chapman
21:52 on 27 Apr 2014

I had mesh procedure on my bladder around 15years ago. So far I have had no problems. My heart goes out to all the woman who have had problems. I suppose I just have to keep my fingers crossed I will be okay. Scary.
Thomasina Middleton
19:24 on 27 Apr 2014

I had ventral mesh rectopexy surgery done in December 2012.I did not think my health could get any wrong was i!!!This mesh surgery has ruined my life and health.My quality of life is poor:-(.Thank goodness i have a supportive husband.Dont know what i'd do without him.Trying to stay strong and positive though very difficult.
Diana Brown
17:55 on 27 Apr 2014

My dear friend, a young mother is now bedridden. She's had multitudes of operations to take it out and it just keeps getting worse! FIX THIS!
Mary Mck
16:25 on 27 Apr 2014

I had mesh surgery in 2010 I have just recently become unwell, I am undergoing tests as hospital Doctors are unsure if my symptoms are connected to the mesh implants, looking back I was not given enough information before the surgery it was explained that whilst they were repairing my bowel prolapse they maybe insert the mesh in my vagina. 1 day post op they informed that this procedure was carried out, on reflection they carried this out with no real consultation with my self. This type of surgery must end until it has been fully tested and investigated, as it has become quiet clear that it is ruining people's lives.
Barbara Wark
12:45 on 27 Apr 2014

Scandal : mesh does more harm than any of these Dr.'s can even imagine. Until they have it in their bodies they have NO RIGHT to tell us what and how we are feeling . We are not crazy . It is not a coincidence that women all around the world are in the same pain.
5:56 on 27 Apr 2014

In 2002 I had a surgical mesh implant fitted for pelvic organ prolapse. I live through the hell of multiple surgeries for mesh erosion, migration and extrusion. Also bowel and bladder obstruction, ever since. I live a life of excruciating pain. Now, after 12 years, I have just been informed that I have to undergo another major mesh removal surgery, which will almost certainly lead to a colostomy. The use surgical mesh has to stop. The experiment has to stop. The harming of women AND men because of hernia mesh, has to stop.
Jemima Williams
2:04 on 27 Apr 2014

Sending every good wish for this petition, knowing that this is a serious public health issue in New Zealand as well as in Scotland and elsewhere. I think women all round the world need to work in solidarity to end the use of this mesh. I hope we can do that!
Marian Evans
22:38 on 26 Apr 2014

I'm a shadow of my former self due to the chronic pain and suffering from Gynecare Prolift Mesh and mesh repair surgery. The mesh migrated and it eroded into my bladder. It is destroying my body and lives of my myself and my family, As well as the debilitating effects of nerve and tissue damage caused, I am deeply concerned about the leaching chemicals of this device (nonyphenol) as I am also constantly fatigued and my body is experiencing burning heavy throbbing limbs, aching all over, ceasing up. Weakness. Twitching all over body. Tightness in chest. Numbness, infections. Foggy memory. (Auto immune disease symptoms) Please suspend the use of mesh surgery until the completion of a full public inquiry into mesh devices. A large number of women who have had mesh devices are suffering many of the same symptoms as myself. Please do the right thing now before any more women suffer.
Lynn Thyne
18:36 on 26 Apr 2014

Since receiving the mesh, both on my bowel and my bladder, I have suffered dreadful pain. I have had 5 operations to cut away and repair mesh erosion and am waiting for another op. It has affected not only my life, but also my husband and family's lives.Mesh use has got to stop!
J Lesley Adams
21:48 on 23 Apr 2014

This has to stop - it is essential that all medical devices are under review, especially when adverse events are evident in other markets. An urgent review must be carried out and would cost nothing compared to any future adverse event in Scotland.
Steve McGhie
19:23 on 23 Apr 2014

This is a genuine scandal that leaves victims facing appalling consequences. It's very hard to see why the First Minister and the Health Minister don't simply act on the evidence already available. How many people need to be crippled and have their lives devastated before we see action?
Marcello Mega
16:30 on 23 Apr 2014

These procedures are destroying women's lives and others something has to be done
Julie Davidson
16:29 on 23 Apr 2014

Thanks for helping these women.
Sharon Templeton
6:10 on 23 Apr 2014

I now know of two people who have had awful trouble because of this proceedure. It needs sorted out!
A Fisher
14:31 on 22 Apr 2014

I got mesh after operation 46 months ago had another two operations since and going back into hospital on Wednesday morning,not had much of a life for over 4 years,lost ten months work first year six months work second year four months last year,back at work full time struggling ,doctors don't care ,don't know what's going to happen on Wednesday ,just have to wait and see ,no life whatsoever I'm not the person I was before my first operation no one explained anything to me about dosn't just affect me it affects my husband,my kids,and grand kids .
Mary Dykes
14:11 on 21 Apr 2014

I had a synthetic mesh implant for hernia last September. I was in complete pain and misery for months because of this mesh implant and had it removed in Las Vegas, USA in late January. I have a new life now.
Einar Gunnar Birgisson
11:31 on 21 Apr 2014

My daughter Is suffering from this.It Is heart breaking to watch her being in so much pain.
Gwen Liming
17:13 on 20 Apr 2014

My sister is waiting for major surgery to repair the damage this mesh has caused! She is terrified of the repercussions and has gone from a bubbly outgoing person to someone racked with pain and fear! This has to be addressed -now.
Elaine Cairns
13:28 on 20 Apr 2014

Let's hope this petition helps
Mary Maclean
9:25 on 18 Apr 2014

Stop this now!! This has highlighted this for me and should not be allowed to happen to anyone else.
Barbara Swanson
7:14 on 18 Apr 2014

I suffer with this everyday. I wish I was told the truth about what would happen to me, I was only advices of the benefits !!!
Yvonne Creighton
22:39 on 17 Apr 2014

had mesh done a few years ago no problems then but have now
Sandra Ennis
18:33 on 17 Apr 2014

I am at present waiting to go and see the try and fix the mess out...that this mesh has caused..I am in constant pain daily and can't sit for long...and can't lift anything heavy...some days I have double incontinence...I have to be within five minutes from a toilet. my quality of life is not what it once was.
Patsy Gregory
21:40 on 16 Apr 2014

Why does my Mum need to keep going back to hospital and be in pain? She keeps mentioning a Mesh?
Master Shaun Tobyn
15:37 on 16 Apr 2014

Signed up for my Mum who is suffering due to this TVT Mesh implant, amazing that this is requiring a petition to get something done about the procedure. Seems obvious that theirs an issue.
Master Ryan Tobyn
15:32 on 16 Apr 2014

I had a TVT op in Feb 2002 for Bladder problems, and since I have had years of hospital visits and I am now incontinent,and very depressed.
Agnes Herrity
16:43 on 15 Apr 2014

I had this op about 18 months ago and i am having problems with pain I never had before this op and I feel my problem is falling on deaf ears.
Mrs Agnes Gigli
21:50 on 14 Apr 2014

16:18 on 14 Apr 2014

my friend had this mesh done 3 yrs ago and had been in pain ever since . doctors have said she is imaging the pain .she has lost all get up and go for a woman that was able to enjoy sports and other activities now she is doesn't have the energy to go out .
Lorraine Hill
13:38 on 14 Apr 2014

Supporting Annematie Conley
Barbara Mitchell
20:25 on 13 Apr 2014

how do I know what type of mesh I was given and how can I find out if affected me as I have back and stomache pain thx
Jean Allen
20:15 on 13 Apr 2014

i had this proceedure done and i am classed disabled because of the side effects do something now to suspend this .before someone dies through complications
14:28 on 13 Apr 2014

Like all the other husbands and partners out there this product has taken the light out of my wife and its is still a nightmare if you have any sence aviod the product like you would avoid the plaque
Andy Conley
19:20 on 12 Apr 2014

Please help us be first country to stop this awful product being used. If there was a product that could be used as means of torture in the 21st century ,then TVT TVTO POP,hernia mesh is it. It has single handily has ruined lives and peoples mental health has suffered greatly,along with the other effects of repeated surgeries .
Karen Neil
17:40 on 11 Apr 2014

Serious thought should be given to ban this procedure across the U.K. immediately and I will be asking Parliamentary Questions about the situation
Brian H Donohoe MP
12:43 on 11 Apr 2014

Totally appalled. Urgent action needed to halt this now!
Elaine Margaret Singer
12:42 on 11 Apr 2014

I have been suffering from the side effects of this TVS since 2001. Please stop its use
Maria Hose
11:42 on 11 Apr 2014

Horrible and must be stopped
Ross Combe
11:06 on 11 Apr 2014

Horrendous ! We must put a stop to this immediately let's get signed up all x Best Wishes Rory Cowan
Rory Cowan
10:40 on 11 Apr 2014

A good friend of mine as has suffering after surgery with this mesh, it should be abolished ASAP
Lynne Parker
21:48 on 10 Apr 2014

The manufacturers of the mesh have known for a long time that it has the potential to cause terrible pain and suffering. This procedure is barbaric and must be discontinued.
Lizzy Blanch
21:44 on 10 Apr 2014

How many more lives will be affected with this malpractice
Teresa Ann Mitchell
21:43 on 10 Apr 2014

Can't believe that this mesh is still being used - to save money!!!!!
17:35 on 10 Apr 2014

Shocked and appalled, must be stopped straight away
13:33 on 10 Apr 2014

We have same problem in the USA. They are having lawsuits against mesh problems. People are dying and have major problems. Thank you.
Teresa Burton
9:17 on 10 Apr 2014

everybody should be told about the risks involved using the mesh then you can make an imformed choice , I read about it the day after I got home from hospital this has got to stop NOW
Margaret Bell
21:48 on 09 Apr 2014

I as very woman ,just ca,nt believe the pain and destruction this has caused , my family have been torn apart through this ,it mus t be stopped ASAP
Jan Houston
19:43 on 09 Apr 2014

i have not been affected with with this type of operation but i do support the petition to stop this happening to anyone else there have been too many so far it is didpicable to continue to use these materials when there has been proof of the injuries that some of the women have suffered time to put an end to it.
Elizabeth Murray
17:39 on 09 Apr 2014

I urge everyone to show their support and put a STOP to this once and for all !!! Don't delay please sign this petition
Gary Hollywood
14:38 on 09 Apr 2014

"I feel as if I am an unsuspecting, unwilling participant in a cruel experiment that has gone wrong"
Ann Boni
11:40 on 09 Apr 2014

After 2 operations (1 inserting the mesh and another trying to remove it) I am still having problems and pain. This procedure must be stopped now as some hospitals are still using this method. Have they not read about the problems people are having with the Mesh Implants!!
Pauline Nelson
11:07 on 09 Apr 2014

I have witnessed first hand the terrible pain and complications following this surgery on my life long best friend. If this petition can help government listen and to take action to prevent woman being subjected to the horrible aftermath endured by some woman then I fully endorse this petition.
Irene Hamilton
21:18 on 08 Apr 2014

I was 25 years old when I had the TVT put in and I was lead to believe it was better than the old procedure. A week after the procedure I ended up with a urine infection, and since then it has become a never ending thing to the point I am on an antibiotic full time. As time has progressed it has affected my life in other ways. I have been suffering from sharp stabbing pains that is sometimes so bad I pass out. break into a cold sweat or that I can barely walk. This does not help matters and shows how bad the pains are because I am on extremely strong pain killers for my hip due to having had a full hip replacement, this gives you a clear indication of how painful it can get. It has also affected my marriage as it has become painful to have sex. Within the last year I have developed another problem I have been finding it difficult to pass urine at times I can not pass urine at all. I hope other women will never have to suffer this way.. We have laws in place to prevent genital mutilation in young girls and women in other countries. Is this not a form of mutilation and disabling women so severely that it affects their lives and that of their entire family.
Lee-Ann Ratcliff
19:55 on 08 Apr 2014

My family has been severely affected by the after effects of this barbaric plastic mesh implant. It is clear from the support for this petition and reading all the comments that this scandal is off the scale! Why are surgeons still using plastic mesh when so many lives have been devastated? Is money more important than human beings? Get your act together Scotland and ban this stuff!
Lilian Brooks
14:18 on 08 Apr 2014

Time to put your hands up and admit these people you operated on was the surgeons fault.
Janet Reid
19:34 on 07 Apr 2014

My wife is another victim. She has had symptoms for years but kept being told that it's media hype, not too worry, symptoms unlikely to be caused by the 'TVT Mesh' implant put in for stress incontinence in 2008. At last she has the truth and having seeked a second opinion by another Consultant - you've guessed it, her Mesh is indeed the problem. Just awful, she suffers, the kids suffer watching their Mum in pain and all I can do is watch in the hope that after her surgery to remove this awful product my happy, cheerful wife of old returns.
Hugh Tobyn
15:46 on 07 Apr 2014

My sister has went through hell.
Bernard Walker
8:32 on 07 Apr 2014

My sister in law has went through years of pain due to this mesh.
Jackie Mitchell
8:32 on 07 Apr 2014

This procedure has changed our lives, adversely! My wife has struggled from the moment she woke up from surgery, 2010. Why are they still "selling" these products to the medical authorities? Why are they still offering these procedures to unsuspecting patients, when all risks are now well known and data is now available to prove these risks have existed from the very beginning in the mid nineties? How can any patient ever trust again?
Raymond Hardacre
23:44 on 06 Apr 2014

Shocking not getting told of the risks envolved
Margaret Bell
23:05 on 06 Apr 2014

I'm supporting this petition as I have also had mesh fitted & I've said all along I would never have recommended it to anyone.
Margaret McBride
16:29 on 06 Apr 2014

If this petition helps even 1 person it will be worth it.
Anne Watson
15:19 on 06 Apr 2014

I am one of the unfortunate women who has been left in pain for 2 years now after this operation. I can only sit to one side and can't walk or run anymore. If I had known the consequence of this mesh, I never would have got it done. I work for the health board and know they are still using it to this day (April 2014). They don't care.
Janice Murray
11:03 on 06 Apr 2014

As far as I am concerned the Scottish Government have no other option but to suspend the use of this mesh. The devastating damage done to ladies is life changing, life threatening and life long. Stop this procedure NOW before any more lives are ruined.
Ann Boni
12:25 on 04 Apr 2014

7 surgeries, never the same.....
Stacy Seymour
6:41 on 04 Apr 2014

At last this Mesh procedure is being exposed and should be banned.
Catherine Donnelly
3:24 on 04 Apr 2014

I support the petiton
Isla Macaulay
18:07 on 03 Apr 2014

Please treat women with the respect they deserve
Jan McGarry
16:46 on 03 Apr 2014

Please suspend mesh procedures now!
16:27 on 03 Apr 2014

This should be banned now
Kathleen Aron
10:24 on 03 Apr 2014

Destroyed my friend quality of life, now has limited mobility and in tremendous pain.
Lesley McDade
19:52 on 02 Apr 2014

Dougie Ritchie, please fell free to come join us on our support group page on Facebook called Scottish Mesh Survivors...were we can help you talk with others in similar position as yourself. No more feeling alone.
Karen Neil
23:15 on 01 Apr 2014

I dont know where to start my daughter Elaine Holmes who I am very proud of for the research and fight she is putting up to get this mesh banned so that nobody will suffer what her and all you other women have go get them Elaine. x
May Gahagan
21:24 on 01 Apr 2014

Dougie Ritchie Please contact Scottish Mesh Survivors Facebook page. Best wishes.
Elaine Holmes
16:44 on 01 Apr 2014

had the mesh fitted in 2009 and I am still in pain after several operations on numerous medications feel its ruined my life.
Susanne Sturgeon
12:24 on 01 Apr 2014

got a reocurring hernia and was given transvaginal mesh implant that has turned my life upside down due to severe chronic pain after operation was done 3 years ago my hospital uralogy said there was nothing more they can do but send me to painclinic pain clinic said it was nuralogical and was all in my head ..i know what pain is but since i got mesh put in i am in bed 6-7 days a week ..i was a fit 42 year old and very fit and was told i would be back building in 6 weeks and that was 3 year ago and i am in agony ..i have no freinds or social life since day my operation was done..i raked the internet for more help and found on an american site the name off Proffessor Dr patrick Odwyer who is the co founder of the brittish Hernia society at glasgow i emailed Dr Odwyer and got my doctor to refer me to him now getting operation in 2 weeks to see why i am in so much pain ..according to the american site .it said he is the only Dr .. who can take mesh out and help ease the pain ..Ban this mesh ..does anyone have a site on this terrible implant. i am 45 and my life is wasting away in my bed. ..
Dougie Ritchie
18:49 on 31 Mar 2014

It should be banned now!!
Jacqueline Souter
19:11 on 29 Mar 2014

I have been left in agony, and severely impacted physically and emotionally- THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED- NOW!!
Lorna Farrell
12:13 on 28 Mar 2014

Current mesh proceedures can cause lasting traumatic physical and psychological reaction. Wondering about the conclusions reached by clinical research in this area?
Anne Brear
8:54 on 28 Mar 2014

Suffering in silence :-(
22:18 on 26 Mar 2014

More research required please.
Janet Hunter
18:06 on 26 Mar 2014

My wife has suffered terribly as a result of having this procedure and has had to endure DOUBLE figure operations to try and repair the damage done to her and with another procedure now likely I fear that things will never be right for again. If you are ever in a position where this procedure is suggested as a treatment I have only one word of warning - Don't. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!
Ian MacCorquodale
18:03 on 26 Mar 2014

This must stop now !!!!
Steven Lavery
2:03 on 26 Mar 2014

There is a petition of same on go petition Teresa Hughes mesh is a killer make it mandatory for surgeons to report complications. Please sign
Teresa Hughes
23:58 on 25 Mar 2014

Save lives not take them.
Di Shaw
22:56 on 25 Mar 2014

Annmarie Grant
20:31 on 25 Mar 2014

There must be something else that can be used rather than mesh...
Alison Harrigan
20:20 on 25 Mar 2014

no ll about the pain in hands of my lawyer
Helen Taylor
19:43 on 25 Mar 2014

this is typical, although the problems are recognised they continue to use things like this, it's only women after all.
Anne Hardie
17:27 on 25 Mar 2014

I think its appalling that women suffer so much from this procedure yet some doctors really dont care.
16:34 on 25 Mar 2014

No way should that be done - what an awful procedure
Linda Brown
15:57 on 25 Mar 2014

Scary reading the comments
Lesley Kane
14:42 on 25 Mar 2014

How scary is this - if there's any doubt at all then it HAS TO STOP !
Carole Wise
14:06 on 25 Mar 2014

This procedure was mentioned as a possible treatment in the future for me and it scares the life out of me. We have to stop these procedures as soon as possible.
Carole Andrew
12:38 on 25 Mar 2014

My wife suffered from this treatment for over seven years until was removed. It caused unnecessary illness during this time.
Charles Lloyd
7:51 on 25 Mar 2014

Surgical mesh needs to be taken off the market until the proper research and the necessary testing is done on the products. Too many people are being harmed.
Charlotte Korte
6:07 on 25 Mar 2014

Transvaginal mesh implants destroy lives. It destroyed mine.
Ana Maria Brown
4:54 on 25 Mar 2014

The risks of TVM in women was never studied. The toxins in the plastics are damaging women's immune systems as well as the sharp unresearched plastics tearing at their tissues in the pelvic floor.
Teresa Sawyer
2:21 on 25 Mar 2014

Supporting our Scottish Mesh Injured Friends from MeshDownUnder.
Carmel Berry
1:49 on 25 Mar 2014

I was about to get this type of surgery and if it was'nt for a chance meeting with a person who has had this mesh procedure and told me of all the complications she is now having, when I challenged my doctor about this procedure he said it was safe and I was talking nonsense. I decided after researching that I would not go through with my op. I cant thank Elaine enough for helping me.
Helen Westwater
0:24 on 25 Mar 2014

Done x
Thomas Nugent
20:58 on 24 Mar 2014

I was not given any information about mesh implants or that there was an alternative procedure!
Cecilia Brydon
20:51 on 24 Mar 2014

All over the world women and their loved ones are suffering and my opinion is that the corporations behind these unsatisfactorily tested devices have a lot to answer for....stop them selling and implanting these devices before more lives are ruined....
Julie Davis
18:12 on 24 Mar 2014

What more information is needed before these implants are banned.My friend Karen got this done 2 years ago and has been to hell and back,something must be done to stop these operations immediately they only need to look at world wide figures
Andrea Donnelly
16:40 on 24 Mar 2014

Surgeons are able to perform as many as six mesh operations compared to one using natural tissue!!!! D'oh!
Sheenagh Grant
14:03 on 24 Mar 2014

Is this another situation where women are ongoing guinea pigs?
Anne Christie
11:54 on 24 Mar 2014

The use of this needs to be suspended immediately, the impact on some women has been awful.
Heather Armstrong
10:13 on 24 Mar 2014

I did not receive any information about the mesh implants, nor was I aware of an alternative procedure
Cecilia Brydon
23:40 on 23 Mar 2014

My mum is one of the victims of this n it's nothing short of shocking that this is allowed. This must stop now!!
Gillian Milliken
23:23 on 23 Mar 2014

If a doctor tells you, "This is the NEW mesh, not the one in lawsuits", please do not listen. Every day new people from around the globe are joining mesh support groups. Many of them newly meshed with NEW mesh and loads of pain. There are other alternatives to getting a mesh implant, whether for POP, SUI or Hernia. PLEASE ask your doctors for repairs that don't use mesh. If they refuse or tell you it's the gold standard find another doctor who knows the old ways.
Jaye Lee
21:30 on 23 Mar 2014

This procedure has left me in agony with nerve damage and having to attend a pain clinic. Don't let go through what others have.
Catherine McLaren
21:12 on 23 Mar 2014

I had routine operation for vaginal hysterectomy and a sling procedure mesh to support the prolapse of the vagina in 2003 result I nearly died had almost full body tranfussion 2nd op in 2005 still on going problems feel trapped in an old womens body I was told the risks associated with this procedure were rare and affected approximately 1-1000 people not enough information was highlight before bthe operation I thought I was alone
20:44 on 23 Mar 2014

Good luck. A subject close to my heart.
Lesley Anne Romeril
18:07 on 23 Mar 2014

Please do not get a mesh i suffer 4 years now and this night merry is still not ending i had 4 operations and still have pain every day
Daniella Wurms
18:05 on 23 Mar 2014

Considering the amount of evidence showing worldwide concerns about current mesh procedures, it is incomprehensible to me that so few health specialists recognise that there is a problem. Its not rocket science - mesh procedures cause devastating harm - end of story!
Catherine Murphy
16:59 on 23 Mar 2014

Should have been banned from the onset, terrible stuff!
Fiona Hudson
15:30 on 23 Mar 2014

Stop this operation now before more people have their lifes ruined
Maureen Deangelo
15:29 on 23 Mar 2014

A thing which has cut a dear friend like a cheese wire is not something that ANYONE should risk again, ever. Ever.
Ruth Chesney
15:25 on 23 Mar 2014

I too am a victim of this dreadful implant and still suffering consequences four years on. It MUST be stopped before thousands more are irrevocably damaged.
Jill Lott
14:50 on 23 Mar 2014

Please suspend these implants immediately to prevent further devastating consequences for the poor recipients. .. if you don't make it illegal they will continue to be used
Joan Mccormick
14:12 on 23 Mar 2014

I am one of many crippled by this mesh. we need to stop others being hurt.
Mary Young
13:37 on 23 Mar 2014

No meshing......
Ruth Chesney
12:45 on 23 Mar 2014

I have watched my young sister go from a lively person to a old unfit full of pain day and night sister since she got this operation the sad fact is it has ruined her life and robbed her husband and children of the wonderful wife and mother they had to a mother who cannot participate in everyday joy and fun you have as a parent and wife.
Catherine MacDermid
11:40 on 23 Mar 2014

I remember I was told this 'MESH' would transform my life, it sure has and not for the better, the damage it causes both physically and mentally is unbelievable.
Yvonne Tobyn
9:47 on 23 Mar 2014

Signed in support of my friend who is suffering as a result of MESH. Stay strong x
Michelle Barras
9:45 on 23 Mar 2014

A horrible has ruined my must be banned
Peggy Maccormick
9:44 on 23 Mar 2014

Please, please stop this torture NOW!
Elizabeth Barbour
8:29 on 23 Mar 2014

Please stop these mesh procedures,not enough is known about the effects this has on womens bodies. So far the results are not good. Women are not lab rats to be used on a trial and error basis as has been the case so far. Too many women are suffering intolerable pain due to these procedures and it must end now.
Karajane Henry
7:26 on 23 Mar 2014

I live in US but my grandparents were from Scotland and I have a lot of family in Scotland. I unfortunately have mesh and it really has ruined my life. I visited Scotland many years ago and always hopef to return. The Scots were wondrrful oeople. Please don't allow any more people to have their lives ruined by mesh. I am reallly proud of Scotland. You seem to be on the forefront of making a statement to the entire world about the horrors of mesh. Way to go Bonnie Scotland!
Mary Wakefield
6:57 on 23 Mar 2014

Ban ban ban I have need left disabled Bessie's if this it's so hurtful and destoing my life !
Samantha Rooney
1:09 on 23 Mar 2014

My mum was offered this procedure by her doctor but after some research refused. Unfortunately my sons gran went ahead and is suffering with pain on a daily basis and her quality of life has deteriorated. This procedure needs banned
Stephanie Crossan
18:40 on 22 Mar 2014

This needs to be brought to the attention of everyone
Patricia Reid
16:56 on 22 Mar 2014

At the very least the UK needs to train Dr.s to completely remove this dangerous and painful material from our bodies. We are tired of being guinea pigs for greedy corporations that do not care about our health or our futures.
Beth Burnham
14:33 on 22 Mar 2014

Patricia Docherty
12:59 on 22 Mar 2014

Please be aware that TVT Polypropylene Mesh is Toxic and can cause or trigger auto-immune diseases that can not be cured.
Hope Pagano
12:30 on 22 Mar 2014

You cannot use these procedures without informing patients of the risk and danger .My sister is in so much pain every day someone must be held accountable for what has happened
Allison MIller
12:28 on 22 Mar 2014

I still love the wife I have but have lost the wife I married to mesh complications. Please sign this petition the benefits don't outweigh the risks when patients are being disabled.
Thomas McIlroy
10:53 on 22 Mar 2014

National disgrace. I applaud the dignity the ladies have in the face of incomprehensible suffering.
Alexandra Murray
9:51 on 22 Mar 2014

please help another human person go through the horror i have endured with stopping this now ! 9 ops later
Linda Mclaughlin
8:48 on 22 Mar 2014

Please stop using this you have broken my mum using it nobody else shud go through this !!
Morgan McGlinchey
7:51 on 22 Mar 2014

Its a risk thaya not worth takomg stop ot now
Helen Maxwell
7:48 on 22 Mar 2014

To many life's already ruined, robs you of every area of your life & causes great isolation & pain, please ban this product.
Gill Watt
2:28 on 22 Mar 2014

Mesh has ruined my life, something must be done to stop this genocide upon women.
Lynda Garlinge
0:36 on 22 Mar 2014

This is for a friend who is suffering after having mesh destroy her quality of every day living. You know who you are xxx
Jennifer Faulds
23:50 on 21 Mar 2014

the suffering is unbearable ..icannot handle being in an ambulance everyweek .on strong meds that dont help with the pain in between my legs .like iwant to give birtth to amesh .the stabbing pains .mental anguish for all is to much .please stop this from doing more woman suffering .
Christina Morrison
23:31 on 21 Mar 2014

My life has been devastated by POP Mesh. Even after 12 years and several operations, I am still having to go through more surgery to remove it. This time a colostomy is thought to be inevitable. Dont stand by and allow other people and their family to go through this hell. Ban it now!
Jemima Williams
23:26 on 21 Mar 2014

Listen to the comments and learn from this.
Ian Muir
21:06 on 21 Mar 2014

Iv had Double figures for corrective surgery complications and need more surgery but state I am in it is impossible for time being . Please stop this In humane unsafe surgery affecting so many lives .
Antonia Mcculloch
21:04 on 21 Mar 2014

Please discontinue the use of this before it ruins any other lives.
Carolanne Mccahill
20:34 on 21 Mar 2014

Stop all mesh procedures ASAP
Karen Heafey
20:25 on 21 Mar 2014

This needs to be stopped asap before anyone else has to suffer, a good family friend has went through so much due to this procedure, peoples quality of life should not have reduced due to a medical procedure that was supposed to better their lives, the evidence is clear to see, get rid of it.
Gillian McAllister
20:10 on 21 Mar 2014

Ban the mesh.
20:07 on 21 Mar 2014

I want to see this operation banned and to stop the use polypropylene transvaginal mesh
Michelle Cree
20:03 on 21 Mar 2014

This product must be banned or be used at your own risk after being told of ALL the damage it may cause. if you decided on the latter an decided to have this in your body, i'd describe you as a FOOL. My life is well and truely ruined thanks to this stuff. Had I known in 2011 what I know now, i'd still have a good quality of life. I was told it would be life-changing but, the Surgeon should have left out the words 'for the better'. PLEASE do-not agree to have this poison inserted in your body!!
Claire Daisley
19:50 on 21 Mar 2014

This needs to be suspended asap. This mesh ruins your quality of life - forever !!!!!
Grace Hamilton
19:47 on 21 Mar 2014

Around the world hundreds and thousands of women have suffered horrific internal injuries as a result of mesh implants. It is one of the biggest medical scandals in the world and we can all do something to protect women in the future by simply signing this petition. Do it! Now!
Marion McBeth
19:22 on 21 Mar 2014

please save others from the suffering myself and many others have had to go through because of MESH IMPLANTS .
Annette Smart
19:09 on 21 Mar 2014

As a clinician and surgeon involved with TVM, I agreed with most of the 6 points and decided to sign the petition. All the very best.
Wael Agur
19:07 on 21 Mar 2014

My poor mother died because of the results of havinv this mesh implant!!! Toxic
Angela Welsh
18:45 on 21 Mar 2014

just listen to the stories out there people
Barry Kelly
18:41 on 21 Mar 2014

It is vital that this situation is resolved. It is not satisfactory in any way that women are having to live with the after effects of this inappropriate practice. There should be huge compensation for the loss of enjoyment of life for those affected. They had no idea of the risks and indeed of the incapacitation they might face. It is just unacceptable!
Maryanne Twaddle
18:39 on 21 Mar 2014

Wish I had never had this procedure done!!!
Gail Kerr
18:30 on 21 Mar 2014

As a mesh sufferer I am still awaiting a complete diagnoses but my muscles suffer constant pain. These things should never have been allowed on the market. I too know that figures on mesh removals are false, but am awaiting a review of a well and truly falsified mesh removal FOI.
Kathleen Parrish
17:55 on 21 Mar 2014

This issue has to be taken seriously, too many women and men are suffering due to this Mesh. Did the Manufacturers consider when selling these products to also give instructions on how to remove it if problems arise?
17:28 on 21 Mar 2014

I was told by my consultant in 2012 that this mesh was perfectly safe, I have since found out the truth and the mesh implants need to be suspended ASAP. The outcome has been absolutely horrendous after having the mesh fitted.
Elaine McEwan
17:26 on 21 Mar 2014

Please stop this procedure. It impacts on patients and their families life's is devastating .
David McLelland
17:24 on 21 Mar 2014

Dont let people suffer anymore than they have too.
Kerry Kerr
17:14 on 21 Mar 2014

I was told nothing about any complications of this procedure . It has ruined my life the constant pain of razor blades and needles inside you and being left so debilitated its horrific please please ban !!!
Samantha Rooney
17:11 on 21 Mar 2014

Hope this suspension happens very soon
Darren Jarvie
17:05 on 21 Mar 2014

Please hear our voice we are all real women and need your help.thank you
Annemarie Conley
16:53 on 21 Mar 2014

Please don't let anybody go thru the pain and discomfort I suffer all the time.
Norma Roberts
16:28 on 21 Mar 2014

Mesh needs to be suspended ASAP to stop others going through the nightmare of pain and reduction in quality of life
Jeff Holmes
16:15 on 21 Mar 2014

I was not told by my doctor, just how permanent this procedure was, now I don't know if to live with it or undergo several ops to try to remove it, which is not always successfull.
Vivian McDermott
16:13 on 21 Mar 2014

Please please don't let anyone else go through this nightmare !!!!!!
Leslie McGlinchey
15:37 on 21 Mar 2014

Please don't let others go through this
Fiona Usher
15:13 on 21 Mar 2014

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