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  22 February 2017: EU reclassifies surgical meshes to highest risk category, class III

6 January 2017: FDA - Final Order: Obstetrical and Gynecological Devices; Reclassification of Surgical Instrumentation for Use With Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh:

5 January 2017: FDA - Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh Implants:

20 December 2016: Mesh, graft, or standard repair for women having primary transvaginal anterior or posterior compartment prolapse surgery: two parallel-group, multicentre, randomised, controlled trials (PROSPECT):

20 December 2016: Adverse events after first, single, mesh and non-mesh surgical procedures for stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in Scotland, 1997–2016: a population-based cohort study:

20 December 2016: Pelvic floor muscle training for secondary prevention of pelvic organ prolapse PREVPROL: a multicentre randomised controlled trial:

12 October 2016: NICE information for the public: Single-incision short-sling mesh insertion for stress urinary incontinence:

12 October 2016: Single-incision short sling mesh insertion for stress urinary incontinence in women:


2 August 2016: Safety information - Alerts: Urogynaecological surgical mesh complications: TGA urges reporting of adverse events:

28 June 2016: Field Safety Notice - Urgent Medical Device Product Advisory:

15 June 2016: Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on medical devices:

25 May 2016: Safer medical devices: MEPs strike a deal with Council:


1 May 2016: FDA Reclassification of Surgical Mesh for Transvaginal Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair:

28 April 2016: Therapeutic products regulatory regime: The New Zealand Government is working on a new and comprehensive
regulatory regime to regulate therapeutic products in New Zealand, which will replace the Medicines Act 1981 and its Regulations:

1 April 2016: FDA Safety Alert: Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh Implants by Boston Scientific: Notification
Potential for Counterfeit Raw Material:

4 January 2016: FDA strengthens requirements for surgical mesh for the transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse to
address safety risks:

17 December 2015: EU SCENIHR - Final opinion on the safety of surgical meshes used in urogynecological surgery:

3 December 2015: UK Mesh Working Group Interim Report:

2 October 2015: The Scottish Independent Review of the Use, Safety and Efficacy of Transvaginal Mesh Implants in the Treatment
of Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Women: Interim Report:

2 October 2015: Mesh implant interim review published:

2 October 2015: Annexe A: Using routinely available health data to examine the provision of, and outcomes following,
surgery for SUI and POP in Scotland:

2 October 2015: Annexe B: Evidence review tables:
Scotland - Sunday Mail Articles
18 September 2016: Mesh scandal: Lawyer claims counterfeit materials were used in controversial implants:

4 September 2016: Top surgeon says doctors are complicit in mesh scandal and it stains reputation of whole medical profession:

24 April 2016: Mesh scandal: Multinational accused of making mesh with resin smuggled from China:

13 March 2016: Mesh scandal: Scots campaigners vow to fight on as US firm close implant business after £1bn legal costs:

21 February 2016: Reckless: American attorney savages multinational healthcare manufacturer over faulty mesh implant used in Scotland:

24 January 2016: Mesh lawyers use mob law: New legal tactics as gran sues US manufacturers

4 October 2015: Three of the four mesh procedures routinely used in Scottish hospitals will no longer be recommended:

14 June 2015: Government facing massive payout if women if women aren’t warned about mesh implants:

7 June 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Implants at centre of $100m US compensation case used by Scottish NHS boards:

19 April 2015: Campaigning Sunday Mail reporter Marion Scott hailed as Scotland’s journalist of the year:

12 April 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Operation victims launch advice and support website:

22 March 2015: Patients in disbelief as mesh company sales reps were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations:

1 March 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Health watchdog accused of backing procedures without fully understanding the risks:

22 February 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: 166 operations AFTER Government urged health boards to stop them:

1 February 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: MSPs call on health minister and medical watchdogs to explain their stance:

25 January 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Top US lawyer who claims manufacturers knew risks of implants to give evidence to
Scottish Parliament:

11 January 2015: Revealed: Campaigners accuse Holyrood of selling out victims as doctors ask for word ‘mesh’ to be removed
from new patient forms:

4 January 2015: Former Health Secretary Alex Neil accused of lying over suspension of mesh implant surgery:

7 December 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Fury as doctor wins trip to Brazil for recruiting patients to controversial implants trial:

26 October 2014: Sunday Mail Great Scot 2014: All the winners as big night ends on a high note after Texas win our Lifetime
Achievement Award:

5 October 2014: Revealed: Two doctors on mesh safety review team linked to makers of controversial devices:

28 September 2014: Top government medical adviser urges surgeons to continue with mesh implants despite ban ordered by
Health Minister:

14 September 2014: Mesh scandal: Another boost for Scottish campaigners as US victim wins £60m payout:

7 September 2014: Mesh scandal: Boost for Scottish campaigners as American victim wins £3m payout:

17 August 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Exercise therapies costing less than £130 could have saved victims from agony of op:

20 July 2014: Great Scot 2014: Mesh implants campaigners Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy nominated for award:

29 June 2014: Mesh group welcomes move by Health Secretary Alex Neil to keep them fully informed about safety review:

22 June 2014: Alex Neil: I chose to suspend mesh surgery ops because I did not trust official figures:

22 June 2014: Cheers and tears for brave mesh victims as controversial operations are suspended:

15 June 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Doctor hired to lead mesh probe used to work for manufacturers:

8 June 2014: Thalidomide victims back mesh campaigners in bid to seek compensation and force safety probe:

18 May 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Grieving daughter claims controversial operation for mother’s death and for making
her final years a living hell:

11 May 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Health Minister Alex Neil calls for an urgent review of controversial treatment:

4 May 2014: Mesh implants scandal: American health bosses sound alarm on surgery branding certain procedures as ‘high risk’:

20 April 2014: Mesh implant scandal: Scots screen stars Libby McArthur and Frances Healy join Sunday Mail Hear Our Voice

13 April 2014: Campaigners renew calls for end to mesh implant operations after US courtsays device is defective:

6 April 2014: TOWIE star Amy Childs backs Sunday Mail’s campaign on Scotland’s mesh implant scandal:

23 March 2014: Mesh implant scandal: Victims urge people to sign petition to have controversial mesh banned from being used in surgery:

9 March 2014: Mesh implants scandal: Legendary activist Erin Brockovich joins Sunday Mail campaign for NHS patients left
in anguish:

9 February 2014: Health Secretary Alex Neil’s medical advisers held secret talks with controversial multinational mesh implant firm:

22 December 2013: Revealed: Shocking figures reveal that hundreds of women have been affected by mesh implant scandal:

1 December 2013: Neil rapped over NHS mesh dodge:

10 November 2013: Revealed: Scots doctors were told to warn patients about mesh surgery risks four years ago:

27 October 2013: Mesh implant bombshell for health service as leading lawyer claims every woman in Scotland given op can
sue NHS:

13 October 2013: Revealed: Medical watchdog gives Alex Neil go ahead to introduce safeguard to protect Scottish patients
from botched implants:

29 September 2013: Alex Neil orders NHS to warn women of mesh surgery facts after Sunday Mail highlights agonising plight of
hundreds of patients:

12 May 2013: Health Secretary Alex Neil pledges to support women left with a legacy of agony as a result of mesh scandal:

5 May 2013: Mum reveals how agonising legacy of failed mesh surgery drove her to the brink of suicide:

28 April 2013: Mesh scandal: Lawyer on why £7m compensation case will not be the last:

14 April 2013: US nurse who won a £10m legal action after botched mesh surgery backs our campaign to help Scots sufferers:

7 April 2013: Mesh operation victim Lynn Thyne reveals agony in emotional plea to health secretary:

7 April 2013: Health secretary must take plight of women affected by mesh problems seriously:

31 March 2013: NHS patients want summit with health secretary as they reveal agony after prolapse operations:

24 March 2013: Revealed: Implants used to treat bladder problems could be causing agonising health problems for hundreds of
Scots women:


4 April 2017: Mesh Survivors Shall See The Justice They Deserve:

2 April 2017: mesh implant report set to face legal challenge:

2 April 2017: Insight: Down but not out after mesh implant 'whitewash':

30 March 2017: Nicola Sturgeon issues apology to mesh implant survivors:

26 March 2017: Mesh scandal findings have 'no credibility':

19 March 2017: 'Just tell us the truth': Mesh campaigners and MSPs have demanded that the report into mesh implants should be 'no whitewash':

12 March 2017: Mesh campaigners set for showdown talks with health secretary Shona Robison:

5 March 2017: 'Betrayed' victims quit mesh implants inquiry:

21 December 2016: Mesh implants deemed 'unnecessary risk':

Winter 2016-17: Nursing Scotland: Scottish Mesh Survivors: Fighting to save women from suffering in Future:

20 December 2016: Hundreds of dangerous mesh implant operations carried out in Scotland despite ban:

4 December 2016: Victims' fury as head of inquiry into mesh scandal quits just weeks before report due to be published:

26 November 2016: Maryhill gran's year of hell after waiting 14 months for vital op:

14 November 2016: Dundee woman suing NHS Tayside for £100K over failed operations:

21 September 2016: Call for investigation into 'fake' implants:

21 September 2016: Campaigners call for investigation into counterfeit mesh implants claim:

20 September 2016: Mesh implant campaigners demand a probe after US lawyer says medical firm used fake materials:


17 September 2016: Mesh survivor: 'I'm living in a waking nightmare':

13 August 2016: NHS facing £32m case over mesh implants:

13 August 2016: Claim damages over 400 mesh implants:

29 July 2016: Paisley couple help women who have been injured by controversial mesh implants:

29 June 2016: Mesh campaigner is nominated by MSP:

19 November 2015: Mesh survivors warn women - just say no to doctors:

19 November 2015: Mesh technique is still in use at Borders General Hospital:

8 October 2015: Aberdeenshire mum welcomes apology after implant scare:

7 October 2015: Shona Robison apologises to mesh implant victims:

6 October 2015: Shona Robison apologises to mesh surgery campaign women:

6 October 2015: Health minister Shona Robison quizzed over mesh implant report:

6 October 2015: Health minister apologises to mesh implant victims:

6 October 2015: Health secretary issues apology to mesh implant surgery campaigners:

6 October 2015: Robison 'sorry' over mesh implant surgery:

6 October 2015: Shona Robison apologises to women who have campaigned against controversial mesh implant surgery:

4 October 2015: Mesh implants review recommends better training for medical staff:

4 October 2015: Scotland: Mesh implant review published:

2 August 2015: Support helpline for women affected by mesh implants to launch:

2 August 2015: Mesh implant helpline goes live:

2 August 2015: Helpline for Scots mesh implant patients launched:

24 April 2015:

9 March 2015: Offer women physio first, not surgery:

3 March 2015: Mother tells how mesh implant left her in agony and forced her to quit dream job:

24 February 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: US lawyer likens 'dangerous' implants to asbestos as he gives evidence to
Holyrood committee:

25 February 2015: Health Chief: Mesh implant issues ‘not widespread’

10 February 2015: Johnstone mum’s agony goes on for years after nightmare mesh operation:

6 January 2015: Women have mesh implant surgery despite ban call:

16 December 2014: ‘I don’t have a life after op’

23 July 2014: “I went through hell”: mesh risks reviewed as women speak out:

23 June 2014: Health chiefs face flood of mesh legal claims:

17 June 2014: Health boards urged to suspend the use of mesh implants:

10 May 2014: Controversial bladder operation has failed three times for Dundee gran:

23 December 2013: Morning Star: Labour calls for end to medical implants causing severe pain:

4 October 2011:

UK & Channel Islands
21 April 2017: NHS bosses tried to 'avoid media attention' over women's vaginal mesh implants agony:

21 April 2017: NHS tried to DODGE media attention over the agonising vaginal mesh implants that left hundreds of women in constant excruciating pain:

21 April 2017: NHS and medical devices regulator tried to limit scandal over vaginal mesh implants:

21 April 2017: Medical authorities wanted to 'avoid media attention' over mesh implants:

19 April 2017: What's your experience of vaginal mesh?:

19 April 2017: 1,000 women complain over "cheese-wire" horror of vaginal mesh implants:

18 April 2017: Why hundreds of women are suing the NHS over vaginal mesh surgery: 'It felt like I had cut glass inside me':

18 April 2017: 800 to sue NHS over 'barbaric' mesh implants that cause agonising pain:

16 April 2017: Mesh implant operations are up to nine times riskier than admitted by surgeons and the NHS:

15 March 2017: Surgical mesh used in hospitals across the region is set to be upgraded to a high risk medical device:

23 February 2017: Real People magazine: AAAARGGHHH It's got TEETH!:

16 January 2017: Nobody knows the true scale of the pelvic mesh scandal - but new figures show it could be as high as
almost 40 per cent:

24 December 2016: Ask for traditional surgery rather than pelvic mesh implants, says study out this week:

24 December 2016: Make 2017 the year you sort out these embarrassing moments:

22 November 2016: Mesh slings used in hospitals across the region are a bigger health scandal than Thalidomide,
says leading politician:

26 October 2016: Bride needed pain relief injections to walk down the aisle after controversial incontinence surgery left her with an
egg-sized blood clot:

26 October 2016: Kathy's Story - The Danger of the TVT Bladder Sling:

3 October 2016: Hundreds of women left with health in ruins after bladder mesh ops, so why is treatment still offered?:

20 September 2016: Call for investigation over mesh implants allegations:

29 August 2016: 'A tragedy created by greed'. Mounting pressure for a women's mesh sling operation to be withdrawn:

25 August 2016: Real People magazine: Kath's story - Curse of a cure:

7 July 2016: Animals cannot tell researchers about the pain from mesh experiments - report into implants used in NHS
women's operations is criticised:

21 June 2016: Mesh mini slings cause "serious complications" and research into their use is "disappointing" says report by NICE:

28 May 2016: The story of Sling The Mesh journalist is used to educate surgeons around the world in a cutting edge
gynaecology conference:

24 May 2016: Washington, California sue over pelvic mesh implants:

30 April 2016: Are surgeons correctly trained? Leading Italian surgeon says mesh used in women's operations has a high rate
of complications:

1 April 2016: Woman disabled in a wheelchair from an operation gone wrong is told her pain will fix with counselling:

29 March 2016: Women's support groups are praised for highlighting the concerns of pelvic mesh:

28 March 2016: Yate mum Kimberley Vallis addresses the final female taboo - incontinence:

15 March 2016: 'It was like being stabbed with a shard of glass': Woman left in wheelchair after controversial incontinence
surgery that's destroyed thousands of lives:

15 March 2016: The incontinence surgery that's wrecked thousand's of woman's lives:

8 February 2016: Hundreds of patients recalled over pelvic floor operations:

29 January 2016: MP Owen Smith, Welsh shadow work and pensions secretary: 'In six years this is the worst medical issue
I have come across':

27 January 2016: I have adult incontinence: Kate Winslet gave me the courage to admit to a devastating affliction that
millions of women suffer:

18 January 2016: 'The worst medical issue I've seen' says MP supporting women's health campaign:

5 December 2015: NHS admits women have not always had the best care in mesh sling incontinence operations:

26 November 2015: From babies to barely able to walk by Kath Sansom:

27 October 2015: Dawn Martin, "It was the worst mistake I ever made":

5 October 2015: Scotland plans sweeping reforms, changes welcomed by campaigning journalist:

10 September 2015: Campaigners delighted about a report that shows mesh, used by surgeons in hospitals across
Cambridgeshire degrades while inside the body:

19 August 2015: Newly wed and Yate estate agent Kimberley Vallis joins Sling the Mesh campaign urging
other mums not to have bladder sling operation:

13 Aug 2015: A women's operation has risks that are like a "ticking time bomb" says city councillor:

25 July 2015: Sling The Mesh campaign: worrying lack of surgeons who have enough experience
to remove it when it goes wrong:

24 July 2015: Sling the Mesh: MP is cautiously optimistic about future patient care for women:

22 July 2015: Women2day: The 'Sling the Mesh' campaign:

20 July 2015: Mum of three leaks document to Sling The Mesh campaign to show that pain suffered after her operation is
being ignored despite being part of a trial that promised to monitor her for three years:
suffered_after_her_ operation_is_being_ignored_despite_being_part_of_a_trial_that_promised_to_monitor_

15 July 2015: Norfolk women back campaign raising concerns over safety of operation:

7 July 2015: Experts say it's safe. So why is this incontinence op leaving many women in such agony?:

2 July 2015: Women have reported "serious and debilitating problems" following an operation for incontinence often caused
by childbirth:

15 June 2015: Mum joins campaign to ban medical procedure:

12 June 2015: Sling the Mesh Campaign gathers support from around the world in its first week:

10 June 2015: We Trust the Medical Profession to Get It Right,
But the TVT Mesh Procedure Leaves Some Women Maimed for Life

5 June 2015: I feel like the unwilling victim of a cruel experiment that has gone horribly wrong:

4 June 2015: Pensioner joins campaign to ban operation after being left in 'intense' pain:

4 June 2015: Royston woman left in agony after surgery backs calls for the procedure to be suspended:

5 April 2015:

4 March 2015: Campaigner joins Scottish victims in call to ban controversial implant:

1 July 2014: Campaign group look for Wales to follow Scotland’s lead:

5 June 2014: Campaign against controversial mesh procedure steps up:

5 April 2012: St Helens mum left in agony by medical mesh launches campaign to help others:

3 September 2012: The scandal of women who STILL aren’t told the risks of bladder operations:

10 December 2011:

15 August 2011: It was a simple implant to treat an embarrassing problem…The incontinence operation that is ruining
women’s lives:

26 March 2017: Hernia mesh complication 'like torture' for Christchurch grandfather:

14 March 2017: Pelvic mesh devices hit by allegations of research fraud, experimental surgery on thousands of women:

14 March 2017: Newcastle doctor and Queensland colleague sounded alarm on mesh in 2003:

14 March 2017: Transvaginal mesh devices have left many women with permanent injuries:

14 March 2017: Transvaginal devices under the spotlight:

2 March 2017: Senator Derryn Hinch urges women to make submissions to a senate inquiry into pelvic mesh devices:

16 February 2016: Derryn Hinch has won Senate approval for an inquiry into gynaecological mesh devices:

15 February 2017: Mesh device appeal against decision by Australia's peak health watchdog:

2 February 2017: Thousands sue over implant:

7 December 2016: The danger of the TVT bladder sling: A mother's story:

30 November 2016: Researchers Examine Effect of Mesh Treatment on Women with Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence:

15 November 2016: Transvaginal Mesh Maker Accused of Racketeering:

15 November 2016: Transvaginal Mesh Maker Accused of Racketeering:

4 October 2016: Boston Scientific loses bid to toss $19m pelvic mesh loss:

6 September 2016: Politicians still prevaricating over surgical mesh:

2 September 2016: Patient fears surgical mesh agonies won't stop despite changes:

31 August 2016: Surgical mesh survey shows 'horrific' effects:

24 August 2016: Surgical mesh registry to be considered by Ministry of Health after petition:

18 August 2016: Greater Cincinnati firm faces lawsuit over deceptive marketing allegations:

16 August 2016: Kentucky AG sues Johnson & Johnson over vaginal implants:

28 July 2016: Inquiry into surgical mesh needed:

15 June 2016: Surgical Mesh Registry needed immediately:

14 June 2016: Boston Scientific adds new warnings to surgical-mesh devices:


30 May 2016: Toni's story a tragedy:

27 May 2016: Suit filed against makers of Prolene Mesh System over alleged injuries:

25 May 2016: States file lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over pelvic mesh implants:

25 May 2016: AGs: Pelvic mesh implants caused dire complications:

24 May 2016: California sues Johnson & Johnson over marketing for pelvic mesh:

23 May 2016: J&J settles pelvic mesh appeal before Texas Supreme Court:

23 May 2016: Mesh women to meet Australian health regulator in Canberra during campaign for Senate I photos, video, poll:

19 May 2016: Women left in chronic pain after having now-banned TFS device implanted:

6 May 2016: Australian mesh device manufacturer failed to show how benefits outweighed risks:

6 May 2016: Mesh device victims quiet no longer:

22 April 2016: Johnson & Johnson Settled NJ Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit for $5 Million:

22 April: Woman claims win over ACC after 13 years:

13 April 2016: Grand jury convened in probe of Boston Scientific:

13 April 2016: 'We've lost so much': Senate urged to act on failures over mesh implants:

13 April 2016: Hunter man demands hospital records: Son's fear for mother broken by mesh surgery:

6 April 2016: J&J's vaginal-mesh costs may rise if $5 million deal is a guide:

4 April 2016: Boston Scientific Shares Inactive as FDA Says Aware of Possible Counterfeit Raw Material in Surgical Mesh:

30 March 2016: In mesh litigation, how a casual corporate decision ruined one woman's life:

19 March 2016: The NSW Care Complaints Commission has confirmed investigations over mesh surgery:

15 March 2016: Australia prolapse mesh device manufacturer tells regulator it "documented" mesh changes:

14 March 2016: The Therapeutic Goods Administration admits assessment process lacked "rigour":

13 March 2016: Difficulty issues remain about mesh surgery for women:

12 March 2016: Medical mesh concerns raised:

27 January 2016: J&J to pay $120 million in its first big mesh settlement:

9 January 2016: In light of FDA rules, pelvic mesh devices face uncertainty:

5 October 2015: Waimate woman complains after pain from surgery at Timaru Hospital fails to subside:

18 August 2015: Company faces US legal action over mesh surgery:

4 August 2015: Bard Said to Pay $200 Million to Settle Vaginal-Mesh Cases:

2 June 2015: Mesh injured victims rally to resolve cases filed infederal court:

27 May 2015: Calls for parliamentary inquiry into use of surgical mesh:

18 May 2015: Gynaecological mesh maker appeals deregistration ruling

18 May 2015: Medical Council stops Reid from doing major surgery

8 May 2014: What big pharma is saying behind your back as it tries to sell you defective medical devices:

20 April 2015: New Scottish Mesh Survivors Erect Website for Mesh-Injured

7 September 2014: Hunter women join class action against Johnson & Johnson over mesh genital implant devices:

3July 2014

12 October 2013: Woman sues Johnson & Johnson in possible $1.7 Billion class action suit:

13 June 2012: A Female Surgical Nightmare:

  Television, Radio & YouTube


20 April 2017: 'My life has been destroyed by mesh implants':

30 March 2017: Robison defends mesh inquiry findings:

27 March 2017: Mesh implant campaigners 'betrayed' by report publication:

5 March 2016: Mesh sufferers quit expert group over 'diluted' report:

21 December 2016: Mesh implants treatment brings unnecessary risks says study:

19 December 2016: Scottish Mesh Survivor Lorna Farrell bravely shares her story:

19 December 2016 :Mesh implant woman says it made life 'a nightmare'

19 December 2016: Mesh implants still used in Scotland despite suspension call:

20 September 2016: Mesh implant campaigners call for criminal investigation:

20 September 2016: Mesh Implant Campaigners Call For Investigation:

20 September 2016: Mesh implant campaigners call for criminal investigation:

7 October 2015: BBC Radio Scotland
Scottish Mesh Survivor Lorna 36mins - 44 mins and Cabinet Secretary Shona Robison - 1 hour 10 mins - 1 hour 19 mins:

25 June 2015: This Morning: Are you embarrassed by incontinence?

1 March 2015: BBC Report with Graham Stewart

1 March 2015: Halt mesh implants over safety concerns:

1 March 2015: Health Secretary calls for halt on mesh implants:

1 March 2015: Health Secretary Shona Robison call for mesh implants suspension:

25 October 2014: Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2014 – Unsung Hero – “Hear Our Voice:

25 October 2014: Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2014 - Unsung Hero - Hear Our Voice:

25 October 2014: Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2014: Still Game actors - Ford Keirnan and Greg Hemphill

3 June 2014: Mesh implants victims give ‘heartbreaking’ evidence to MSPs: BBC Scotland News link:

13 May 2014: Scottish Government under pressure to suspend use of mesh implants:

11 March 2014: Faulty implants end women’s sex life:

UK & Channel Islands

20 April 2017: 'My life has been destroyed by mesh implants':

18 April 2017: Call for end to TVT mesh implants after complications 'covered up':

8 September 2016: Campaigner calls for operation to cure incontinence after childbirth to be suspended: to-be-suspended/

27 June 2016: Medicolegal Aspects of FNUU Practice

6 October 2015: Disabled Gosport Woman Has US Surgery To Reverse Mesh Damage:

29 June 2015: Female Mid Urethral Tapes - The Devil's Work:

25 June 2015: Hundreds of women across the UK are calling for the ban of a medical procedure which has left them in chronic
pain - with some unable to walk:

25 June 2015: The woman campaigning for a controversial operation to be outlawed after it left her in constant pain:

19 May 2015: Sussex women back call for mesh implant surgery ban:

8 May 2015: Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford, reveals
the secrets behind the claims of drugs and devices designed to improve health and well-being:

April 2014: BBC Radio 4 You & Yours: Woman tells how mesh has ruined her life.

22 January 2014: Face the Facts:

23 May 2012: Regulation of medical implants: Carl Heneghan:

19 January 2012: Woman’s Hour: Urinary Incontinence and Transvaginal Tape

16 February 2017: Prolift mesh: What did Johnson & Johnson know? (English subtitles) Radar Broadcast 21-9-2015:

10 February 2017: Class action launched for victims of Johnson and Johnson mesh implants:

29 November 2016: Transvaginal Mesh: Senator Derryn Hinch addresses the Australian Senate:

22 November 2016: Senator for Victoria, Derryn Hinch addresses the 'mesh scandal' in the Australian Parliament:

Derryn Hinch

15 August 2016: Did Boston Scientific Smuggle Counterfeit Mesh Materials From China?:

31 August 2016: Medsafe responds to concerns over surgical mesh:

25 August 2016: Govt responds on surgical mesh:

24 August 2016: Govt surgical mesh response falls short - campaigners:

16 August 2016: Beshear files lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over surgical mesh:

27 July 2016: Labour steps up fight on surgical mesh:

19 June 2016: Women with pelvic mesh report painful, intractable infections:

11 June 2016: Heal or harm?:

10 June 2016: Gynaecologists voice concern over surgical mesh in women causing harm:

10 June 2016: Gynaecologists voice concern over surgical mesh in women causing harm:

3 June 2016: Surgical mesh campaigner (Charlotte Korte and Dr Hanifa Koya):

25 May 2016: Johnson & Johnson Mesh Press Conference:

25 May 2016: California Attorney General Sues Johnson & Johnson Over Transvaginal Mesh:

22 May 2016: What is medical mesh?:

10 May 2016: Jaynie Morris Club: Chris Ilsley 6PR Female 'Mesh Insert' Controversial Interview 2016:

21 April 2016: On the Spot with Colleen Hutchison: Expert Hernia Roundtable (Part 2):

4 April 2016: On the Spot with Colleen Hutchison: Expert Hernia Roundtable (Part 1):

2 April 2016: Canadian women reach transvaginal mesh settlement:

31 March 2016: Mostyn Law calls on FDA to ban Boston Scientific surgical mesh:

25 February 2016: Bay Area women call for a ban of transvaginal mesh, bladder slings as FDA issue more warnings:

16 February 2016: Veteran investigative reporter and co-founder of Mesh Medical Device News Desk website Jane Akre explains the serious medical problems caused by mesh implants, and why corporate-media coverage has been scant:

13 November 2015 2015: ICS 2015 Montreal - Top Papers of 2015 That Will Change Incontinence Research and Practice:
(fast forward to 12.14 for synthetic mesh tapes)

29 October 2015: Dutch consumer programme reveals how to get a 'device' approved - CE-Mark for sale (English subtitles):

16 August 2015: Australian women are taking on a major American medical company after suffering devastating side effects
from products used to support weak pelvic floor muscles:

27 May 2015: Surgical mesh claims mount

27 May 2015: Campaigners call for surgical mesh inquiry

1 December 2014: Dutch consumer programme reveals how to get a ‘device’ approved for CE mark:

18 November 2014: Law firm investigates more painful complications from pelvic mesh:

July 2014: New Zealand petitioners: Carmel Berry and Charlotte Korte (2 interviews):

23 July 2014: Johnson & Johnson Blue Sh*t Coverup: Papantonio video:

2 July 2014

May 2014: Johnson & Johnson continues to kill women: Papantonio video:

24 March 2014: Mesh sufferers petition New Zealand Government for an Inquiry:

24 November 2013: Women angry over side-effects from another Johnson and Johnson product:

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