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16 June 2022: Vaginal mesh - NHS Resolution:

5 June 2022: Woman's mesh implant felt like a chemical burn and cheese wire inside her body:

25 January 2022: Scottish Government - Part of: Health and Social Care. Mesh reimbursement scheme to be set up.
Parliament backs Bill to repay private mesh removal surgery costs:

Tuesday 25 January 2022: Stage 3 proceedings of the Transvaginal Mesh (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill, is scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 25 January 2022. This will take place in the main chamber and is the last chance MSPs will have to submit any amendments to the Bill. The whole Scottish Parliament will take a vote on whether the Bill should be passed or not.
You can watch proceedings online at:

If the Bill is passed on Tuesday, it will be sent for Royal Assent after about four weeks. Royal Assent is when the Bill gets formal agreement by the Queen and becomes an Act of the Scottish Parliament.

11 January 2022: Transvaginal mesh removal reimbursement scheme: The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee took evidence from: Greg Chalmers, Head of Chief Medical Officer's Policy Division, Scottish Government, Terry O'Kelly, Senior Medical Advisor, Scottish Government, David Bishop, Mesh Team Leader, Scottish Government, Ailsa Garland, Solicitor, Scottish Government. Catch-up here on Scottish Parliament TV: (11:17 - 11:41)

On Wednesday 26 January from 10:30 -12:00, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for First Do No Harm (APPG FDNH) will hold a virtual public meeting on the topic of redress schemes for those who have suffered avoidable harm linked to pelvic mesh, sodium Valproate and Primodos. Those interested in attending are welcome to express their interest by emailing the APPG FDNH Secretariat via

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 9:00am: Health, Social Care and Sport Committee meeting - Transvaginal Mesh Removal
(Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill: Watch the meeting live on Scottish Parliament TV:
Read the meeting paper here:

26 October 2021: Health, Social Care and Sport Committee meeting - Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement)
(Scotland) Bill. Watch the meeting on Scottish Parliament TV here

21 July 2021: UK Government response to the report of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review:
Scottish Mesh Survivors view: A heartless response from the UK Government. Financial redress to help ease suffering and worry for victims must be top priority. 'click here' to read the report.

12 July 2021: Mesh removal surgery: Contracts awarded for option of private surgery:

8 July 2021: Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review: Volume 698: debated on Thursday 8 July 2021:

8 July 2021: House of Commons: Debate on a Motion relating to the implementation of the recommendations of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review. Emmy Hardy, Alec Shelbrooke:

23 June 2021: Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill:

18 May 2021: Petitions under consideration: PE1865: Suspend all surgical mesh and fixation devices:

22 April 2021: NHS National Services Scotland: Complex Mesh Surgical Service:

13 April 2021: *Reminder: Transvaginal Mesh Fund Applications must be received by 31 May 2021:
You must make an application by 31 May 2021 to ensure confirmation and payment ahead of the closing date of 30 June 2021

24 March 2021: Supporting women injured by mesh: Proposal to refund private removal costs:

5 March 2021: *Reminder: Consultation on a Patient Safety Commissioner Role for Scotland has been published. Responses
are required by 28 May 2021:

March 2021: A Scottish Government Delivery Plan to implement the recommendations of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review, "First Do No Harm" click here to read...

March 2021: Consultation on a Patient Safety Commissioner role for Scotland:

22 February 2021: New qualification proposed for mesh surgeons:

26 January 2021: Recruitment for Patient Reference Group:

11 January 2021: Update to the government's response to the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review:

24 November 2020: National Services Scotland: Complex mesh service:

20 November 2020: UK Parliament: Lords examines Medicines and Medical Devices Bill:

19 October 2020: MSPs to hear from US mesh expert:,msps-to-hear-from-us-mesh-expert

8 September 2020: Official Report: Meeting of the Parliament (Hybrid):

8 September: Scottish Government Debate: The Baroness Cumberlege Report: (watch live on Scottish Parliament TV

3 September 2020: Scotland to create patient champion role | The BMJ:

2 September 2020: House of Lords Hansard: Medicines and Medical Devices Bill:

1 September 2020: Nicola Sturgeon has unveiled her programme for government, including: NHS patient care - a Patient Safety Commissioner to look after interests of patients following review of mesh implants. GP consultations using the
‘Near Me’ video service to be the default option for patient consultations:

28 July 2020: The closing of the Review - our thanks:

17 July 2020: Scottish Government: National Mesh Removal Centre:

9 July 2020: Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review - House of Commons Hansard (9 July 2020): 

9 July 2020: Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review - House of Lords Hansard (9 July 2020):

8 July 2020: Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review: Baroness Cumberlege - PRESS CONFERENCE SPEECH 8 July 2020:

8 July 2020: RCOG and BSUG welcome publication of the Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review (8 July 2020)

8 July 2020: Statement to BAUS members following publication of the Cumberlege Report (8 July 2020):

8 July 2020: First Do No Harm - The report of the IMMDSReview:

16 June 2020: Scottish Government Mesh Fund: Further Guidance and Claim Form to follow:

12 May 2020: The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review: Revised publication date for Review's report - Wednesday 8 July 2020...

18 February 2020: The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review (IMMDSR) will publish their report
on 24 March 2020.

January 2020: BBC: Stop The Victoria Derbyshire Show being axed:

Please sign the petition

13 December 2019: The Independent Medicines & Medical Devices Safety Review: Our concern over partial mesh removal:

12 December 2019: Ministry of Health New Zealand: Hearing and Responding to the Stories of Survivors of Surgical Mesh:

25 November 2019: The ALLIANCE: My Life My Experience: Capturing Lived Experience of Complication of Transvaginal
Mesh Surgery:

15 November 2019: Ministry continuing surgical mesh work following strong response to restorative justice process:

7 November 2019: The IMMDSR - Draft Timelines:

October 2019: National Institute for health and Care Excellence (NICE): Interventional procedures consultation document: Bilateral cervicosacropexy or vaginosacropexy using mesh for pelvic organ prolapse. The ligaments are replaced by plastic mesh tapes, using open abdominal or keyhole surgery. Please have your say - Closing date for comments: 21 November 2019

5 September 2019: Hernia Mesh in Men: Hansard:


30 August 2019: Considering Surgical Mesh to Treat Stress Urinary Incontinence? - Ministry of Health NZ:

22 August 2019: Petition PE1517 Scottish Mesh Survivors "Hear Our Voice" will be considered by the Public Petitions Committee on Thursday 5 September. To book a seat in the Public Gallery please telephone: 0131 348 5200 or alternatively, watch the broadcast online. The meeting agenda will be available from Monday 2 September:

22 August 2019: IMMDS Review Chair Baronesse Julia Cumberlege: "I give this assurance: we are not in the pockets of anybody, not the pharmaceutical industry, the medical community, the regulators or the rest of the healthcare system. We are independent, and fiercely so.":

3 August 2019: World first validated Patient Decision Aid for women considering stress incontinence surgery. Study shows when consent is truly informed and options and risks understood, NO woman chose mesh:

26 July 2019: Status of non-absorbable synthetic surgical mesh for the transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse in Canada - Recalls and safety alerts:

25 July 2019: The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review: Responding to the issue of a national recall related to pelvic mesh implants:

12 July 2019: Please sign in support of Elaine Miller's Petition PE01735: Include Pelvic Floor education in the Baby Box scheme:

5 July 2019: Ministry of Health: Forums planned to hear from New Zealanders affected by surgical mesh:

5 July 2019: Ministry of Health New Zealand - Manatū Hauora on Twitter: "We want to hear from people affected by surgical mesh. We are providing a chance for men and women harmed by surgical mesh to participate in restorative justice forums in different parts of NZ from later this month. Register your participation now"

28 June 2019: NICE clarifies guideline on use of mesh following Review's intervention:

19 June 2019: Improving services for mesh complications: Complex case review unit to be established:

19 June 2019: Positive news that brings hope for Mesh Survivors as Health Secretary Jeane Freeman seeks to bring Dr Veronikis to Scotland to offer treatment, expert advice and training:

16 April 2019: The FDA ordered all manufacturers of surgical mesh intended for transvaginal repair of anterior compartment
prolapse (cystocele) to stop selling and distributing their products immediately:

2 April 2019: NICE (anything but) guideline (NG123): Urinary Incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women: management:

2 April 2019: Statement on the use of surgical mesh following publication of the NICE guideline:

29 March 2019: NHS Improvement and NHS England: EXTENSION OF PAUSE TO THE USE OF VAGINAL MESH

11 March 2019: Paul Masterton MP: Early Day Motions: House of Commons: ELAINE HOLMES AND OLIVE MCILROY - AMAZING LIFETIME INSPIRATION AWARD:

8 March 2019: The Scottish Parliament: Motion S5M-16246: Jackson Carlaw, Eastwood, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy Achieve Lifetime Inspiration Award:

15 March 2019: Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. and Jeff Shuren, M.D., Director of the Center for Devices
and Radiological Health, on efforts to evaluate materials in medical devices to address potential safety questions:

28 March 2019: House of Lords Hansard: Safety of Medicines and Medical Devices:

12 February 2019: UK Parliament: Licensing of Medical Devices: C79C720E8276/LicensingOfMedicalDevices

29 January 2019: Mesh study author failed to declare £100 000 from manufacturer:

November 2018: IMMDS Review Written Evidence:

27 November 2018: Reclassification of surgical mesh devices:

26 October 2018: An Investigative Review into the process of establishing, managing and supporting Independent Reviews in Scotland:

9 October 2018: NICE says non-surgical options should be offered first for stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse:

21 September 2018: Belfast Health and Social Care Trust: Transvaginal scanner ordered:

19 September 2018: Transvaginal (urogynaecological) surgical mesh hub - Therapeutic Goods Administration:

12 September 2018: CMO writes to NHS and Private Hospital Chief Executives and MDs following the Cabinet Secretary for Health and
Social Care's transvaginal mesh statement in Parliament. In her statement the Cabinet Secretary requested that the use of transvaginal
mesh in the treatment of both stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is immediately halted in Scotland.
Abdominally-inserted mesh for pelvic organ prolapse (e.g. sacrocolpopexy, hysteropexy, rectopexy) - Not restricted; but subject to high
vigilance scrutiny:

12 September 2018: Ministerial Statement: Transvaginal Mesh - Official Report:

22 August 2018: We welcome and thank the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee for their outstanding report on

21 August 2018: Public Petitions Committee: PE1517 - Polypropylene Mesh Medical Devices - read the full report:

13 August 2018: Dr Wael Agur revealed that UAE Government had quietly BANNED all urogyn mesh devices (SUI & POP). Reason: Severe adverse events outweigh benefits: 1. Withdraw if available 2. Do not import or market 3. Use safer treatments:

24 July 2018: Ireland's Minister for Health Simon Harris Announces Pause in the Use of Transvaginal Mesh Devices:

10 July 2018: Baroness Cumberlege's Medicines and Medical Devices Independent Safety Review calls for immediate halt of the use of
surgical mesh for stress urinary incontinence:

10 July 2018: The Scottish Government's response to NHS England's suspension of mesh implants:

10 July 2018: The British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) statement: Halt on Use of Surgical Mesh for SUI:

10 July 2018: The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) statement: CSP welcomes immediate stop to NHS mesh operations:

10 July 2018: The British Society of Urogynaecology (BSUG) statement: Vaginal Mesh: High vigilance restriction period - 

10 July 2018: Motion S5M-13108 - Neil Findlay Lothian, Scottish Labour response: Immediate Halt to mesh implants in England:

14 June 2018: The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review website:

4 May 2018: Report of the Welsh task and finish group to review the use of vaginal synthetic mesh tape and sheets for stress urinary
incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse:

20 April 2018: MPs call for urgent ban on surgical mesh:

28 March 2018: Parliament of Australia: Senate Report: Number of women in Australia who have had transvaginal mesh implants and
related matters:

21 February 2018: Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review: The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care (Mr Jeremy Hunt):

19 December 2017: Public Health Agency Northern Ireland: Vaginal Mesh Frequently Asked Questions:

19 December 2017: Victoria Minister for Health: Transvaginal Mesh Support For Victorian Women:

18 December 2017: TGA actions after review into urogynaecological surgical mesh implants:

15 December 2017: Mesh for vaginal mesh prolapse should only be used in the context of research, says NICE:

11 December 2017: Medsafe introduces surgical mesh restrictions: Medsafe is taking action in New Zealand to remove from
supply and effectively limit the use of certain surgical mesh products used for urogynaecological indications:

28 November 2017: TGA actions after review into urogynaecological surgical mesh implants:

28 July 2017: Consultation: Alignment with European medical device regulatory framework: Australia proposes to reclassify
mesh devices to highest risk category:

25 July 2017: NHS England Mesh Oversight Group Report:

May 2017: Updated: Synthetic Vaginal Mesh Tape Procedure for the Surgical Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women: Patient Information Leaflet:

22 February 2017: EU reclassifies surgical meshes to highest risk category, class III

6 January 2017: FDA - Final Order: Obstetrical and Gynecological Devices; Reclassification of Surgical Instrumentation for
Use With Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh:

5 January 2017: FDA - Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh Implants:

20 December 2016: Mesh, graft, or standard repair for women having primary transvaginal anterior or posterior compartment
prolapse surgery: two parallel-group, multicentre, randomised, controlled trials (PROSPECT):

20 December 2016: Adverse events after first, single, mesh and non-mesh surgical procedures for stress urinary incontinence
and pelvic
organ prolapse in Scotland, 1997–2016: a population-based cohort study:

20 December 2016: Pelvic floor muscle training for secondary prevention of pelvic organ prolapse PREVPROL: a multicentre randomised controlled trial:

12 October 2016: NICE information for the public: Single-incision short-sling mesh insertion for stress urinary incontinence:

12 October 2016: Single-incision short sling mesh insertion for stress urinary incontinence in women:


2 August 2016: Safety information - Alerts: Urogynaecological surgical mesh complications: TGA urges reporting of adverse events:

28 June 2016: Field Safety Notice - Urgent Medical Device Product Advisory:

15 June 2016: Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on medical devices:

25 May 2016: Safer medical devices: MEPs strike a deal with Council:

24 May 2016: Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Files Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson for Deceptive Marketing of Surgical Mesh


1 May 2016: FDA Reclassification of Surgical Mesh for Transvaginal Pelvic Organ Prolapse Repair:

28 April 2016: Therapeutic products regulatory regime: The New Zealand Government is working on a new and comprehensive
regulatory regime to regulate therapeutic products in New Zealand, which will replace the Medicines Act 1981 and its Regulations:

1 April 2016: FDA Safety Alert: Urogynecologic Surgical Mesh Implants by Boston Scientific: Notification
Potential for Counterfeit Raw Material:

4 January 2016: FDA strengthens requirements for surgical mesh for the transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse to
address safety risks:

17 December 2015: EU SCENIHR - Final opinion on the safety of surgical meshes used in urogynecological surgery:

3 December 2015: UK Mesh Working Group Interim Report:

2 October 2015: The Scottish Independent Review of the Use, Safety and Efficacy of Transvaginal Mesh Implants in the Treatment
of Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse in Women: Interim Report:

2 October 2015: Mesh implant interim review published:

2 October 2015: Annexe A: Using routinely available health data to examine the provision of, and outcomes following,
surgery for SUI and POP in Scotland:

2 October 2015: Annexe B: Evidence review tables:
10 March 2024: Victims' fury as minister accused of guilt trip over mesh compensation:

10 March 2024: Women urged to apply for mesh removal reimbursement ahead of closure of scheme:

11 February 2024: Sunday Post: Mesh victims: Scottish Government has failed us again by not giving urgent financial help:
Campaigners hit out as English report demands action:

12 November 2023: 'Doctors may feel they are compromising their ethics and potentially harming their patient':
Medical expert's contract fears over treating mesh injuries:

25 October 2023: Professor Britton praised for "meticulous" mesh implant review:,space%20to%20share%20their%20experiences.

The stage 3 (final) debate for the Patient Safety Commissioner for Scotland Bill will take place today, Wednesday 27th September,
just after 2pm. You will be able to watch online at Watch now | Scottish Parliament TV and the official report will be available shortly
afterwards at Official Report | Scottish Parliament Website.

25 June 2023: Women who had their lives ruined did not need mesh in the first place, report reveals:
SMS comment: Our thanks and appreciation to award winning journalist Marion Scott and the Sunday Post for being by
our side and believing in us since 2012. Without your support Maz we would still be voices in the wilderness.

20 June 2023: Mesh patients "not given accurate information" before surgery:
SMS comment: Sincere thanks to Prof Alison Britton and the case record review panel. There are few words (printable)
to describe how we feel. The findings of this report are scandalous but not unique to women who participated in the
pilot review. The Scottish Government commissioned this review and published the report - we were vindicated. Now
we expect the report recommendations to be implemented in full and in a timely manner. The valuable information
learnt from this review must not be allowed to go to waste.

20 June 2023: Mesh implant removal inquiry finds Scots women 'misled':

20 June 2023: Mesh injured women not given accurate advice, says report:

20 June 2023: Transvaginal Mesh Case Record Review The final report on the Transvaginal Mesh Case Record Review.
This report sets out the planning, process, execution and findings of the Transvaginal Mesh Case Record Review. Click here...

11 June 2023: Scottish Press Awards: Post wins Sunday Newspaper of the Year for second year running.
Chief Reporter Marion Scott took home the Reporter of the Year title for the second consecutive year and also retained the
Nicola Barry award for outstanding journalism by women. Scott also picked up Scoop of the Year after securing the first interview
with football rape victim Denise Clair after her attacker David Goodwillie was signed by Raith Rovers:

11 June 2023: New Women's Health Champion believes tackling inequality is one of her biggest challenges amid a range of issues:

16 May 2023: Woman 'waited 82 weeks' for referral to specialist mesh clinic:

2 May 2023: Health, Sport and Social Care Committee Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023:

28 April 2023: Scotland's new Patient Safety Commissioner must have the 'necessary powers':

News & Media - Newspapers - Scotland:
25 April 2023: 'Tough questions' over mesh ops:

21 April 2023: Women report a 'negative experience' using mesh removal scheme:

Health, Social Care and Sport Committee:
20 April 2023: Experiences of the Mesh Complex Care Services. Read the anonymised summary of responses:

26 March 2023: The Sunday Post: 'Three words to change the world': Nicola Sturgeon pays personal tribute to campaigner
after forced adoption apology:

8 Oct 2022: 'This entire scheme is now at risk of spectacular failure': Pledge to send mesh victims to US surgeon in tatters:

7 October 2022: Patient Safety Commissioner for Scotland Bill published: Promoting the safety of patients:
The Bill was introduced on 06 October 2022:

25 September 2022: The Sunday Post wins Sunday Newspaper of the Year and is hailed by judges at the Scottish Press
Awards. Chief reporter Marion Scott was named Reporter of the Year and also won the Nicola Barry Award, named in
recognition of an acclaimed journalist and recognising outstanding work by women:

2 September 2022: A Significant Moment: The donor wanted the mesh implant to be preserved in a now on display
in Surgeons' Hall Museum Wohl Pathology gallery:

21 August 2022: Baroness Cumberlege in call for redress scheme for epilepsy drug victims:

12 July 2022: Scottish Government: Contract signed for mesh removal surgery.
Patients can visit Dr Veronikis for mesh removal surgery in the US:

26 June 2022: Sunday Post exclusive: Scotland's new Patient Safety Commissioner will not have the powers of English counterpart:

19 June 2022: England gets women's health champion as Scots wait goes on:

19 June 2022: 'The government welcomed my 46 recommendations but, four years on, not one has been implemented':
Health professor's anger at lack of action:

12 June 2022: 'Disappointing for me but devastating for women patients': Review author on Scottish Government's failure
to take action on key recommendations:

6 June 2022: Transvaginal Mesh Removal Reimbursement Scheme 2022: Application form and Guidance for Completion
please click here...

19 May 2022: Scottish Government: Mesh reimbursement fund opens in June. A dedicated fund to repay mesh removal costs
will open for applications on 6 June. To be eligible, arrangements for treatment must be made by 3 June. Read here for more

13 July 2021: Reminder: Apply for the Scottish Government £1 million Mesh Fund. Applications must be made by 31 May 2022
Successful applicants to the fund will receive a one-off payment of £1,000 to help towards the cost associated with emotional or
practical support. Read here for more information:

21 February 2022: Scots woman's life 'completely ruined' after mesh implant left her on crutches:

1 February 2022: Scots mum endured 18 years of immense pain after mesh implants used to repair hernias:

31 January 2022: Scots mum considered ending her life due to mesh hell after suffering hernia:

14 December 2021: Scot Gov Health ((Twitter) @scotgovhealth : Health Secretary @HumzaYousaf led the debate on
Stage 2 of the Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill which was passed in @Scotparl.

The Bill was amended to extend the cut-off date by which private mesh removal surgery had to be arranged in order
to be eligible for reimbursement to at a date around, and no earlier than, the date of Royal Assent of the Bill.

An amendment was also made to include those who do not live in Scotland now but we're resident in Scotland at the
time of the original mesh insertion

9 December 2021: The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee will consider Stage 2 of the Transvaginal Mesh Removal
(Cost Reimbursement Bill) (Scotland) at their next meeting on Tuesday 14 December 2021, time TBC. Committee meeting
papers will be published here:

24 November 2021: Stage 1 Debate: Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill:
Please watch the debate here:

24 November 2021: Scottish Parliament backs mesh compensation legislation:,msps-back-mesh-compensation-legislation

24 November 2021: Government sets out plan to compensate women for mesh removal surgery:

17 November 2021: MSPs say there is a strong case to extend eligibility for mesh removal:

16 November 2021: Health, Social Care and Sport Committee: Stage 1 Report on the Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill: Click here to read the Report

7 November 2021: Mesh victims condemn lack of movement on US trips as patients told of two-year wait for referrals:

4 November 2021: Woman's health physiotherapist shares pelvic floor exercises to stop embarrassing leaks - including 'clenching' in time to Take That's 'The Flood', pretending you're holding in wind and doing the 'happy baby' pose:

2 September 2021: The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee is currently considering the Transvaginal Mesh Removal
(Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill

The Bill seeks to refund individuals who have paid for private surgery to remove transvaginal mesh from their body.
The Committee wants to hear views on the Bill. Individuals who have been affected by transvaginal mesh in Scotland will also be
able to provide additional, confidential information to the Committee if they wish to do so.
You can read the questions and respond to the consultation on Citizen Space. If this link does not work, please copy and paste
the following into your browser:
The deadline for making a submission is 5pm on Wednesday 13 October 2021
Full details of the consultation are available on Citizen Space.

18 July 2020: I'm a new woman: Mesh victim Claire Daisley hails funding for US surgeon and tells how his skills saved her life:

20 June 2021: Grotesque: Victims react as government advisor warns surgeons will soon lobby for return of mesh:

20 June 2021: The Sunday Post wins top award for News Worth Waiting For campaign:

23 May 2021: Three years after mother's death, daughter vows to continue her campaign against mesh:

May 10 2021: The worst thing? I can't be the mum I want to be: Victim reveals how her world collapsed after hernia mesh surgery:

9 May 2021: Campaigners urge Scottish Government to halt use of all medical mesh:

31 March 2021: Praise for proposals to refund women who paid for mesh removal surgery:

28 March 2021: Mesh campaigners hail government U-turn on funding operations abroad:

14 March 2021: Mesh survivors urge ministers to adopt charter after winning the backing of party leaders:

7 March 2021: The Sunday Post flies the flag at the UK Press Awards. Led by Chief Reporter Marion Scott, the Hear Our Voice Campaign calling for the appointment of a Scottish patients' champion has been shortlisted for Campaign of the Year:

22 February 2021: "If any records are changed, I will take action":
Leader of official mesh review calls for changes to reassure victims over cover-up fears:

22 November 2020: Hear Our Voice: Sunday Post campaign for a Scottish Patients' Commissioner shortlisted in UK Press Awards:

25 October 2020: Surgeon says he could have operated on 50 mesh victims in time wasted talks to bring him to Scotland:

22 October 2020: US mesh surgeon tells of 'war of attrition' over planned trip to Scotland:

22 October 2020: World leading mesh surgeon accuses Scottish Government of delaying project to help injured women:,world-leading-mesh-surgeon-accuses-scottish-government-of-delaying-project

8 September 2020: American surgeon withdraws offer to help vaginal mesh patients and blames Scottish Government:

8 September 2020: 'Exasperated' US mesh surgeon in blistering attack on Scottish Government:

7 September 2020: Thank you for hearing our voices. Baroness hails Sunday Post campaigning after announcement of
patients' champion:

9 August 2020: Mesh surgeon: "I'm not to blame for the inability of Scotland's officials to make this project happen":

2 August 2020: Academics back growing calls for a patients' champion on eve of public inquiry into hospitals:

2 August 2020: Hear Our Voice: Scottish Government investigating appointment of Patients' Commissioner:

26 July 2020: Hear Our Voice: Cross-party support for Scottish patients' champion revealed in open letter:

26 July 2020: The Sunday Post View: Patients have raised their voice. It must now be heard at Holyrood:

19 July 2020: Parents of youngsters caught in contamination scandal at flagship hospital back drive for Scots patients' champion:

19 July 2020: Mesh victims say ministers are "still not listening" as national removal service announced:

17 July 2020: New national mesh removal service set up in Scotland:

12 July 2020: Health Secretary and surgeons apologise to mesh victims as authors of landmark report calls for Scots patients' champion:

12 July 2020: Now hear our voice: Mesh victims demand Patients' Commissioner after inquiry savages health systems and governments:

12 July 2020: The Sunday Post View: No more warm words, the First Minister should do the right thing for mesh victims:

28 June 2020: Mesh surgeon disputes Nicola Sturgeon's claim of contract offer:

21 June 2020: World-leading mesh surgeon pulls out of proposed Scots trip claiming ministers and medical advisors are wasting his time:

23 February 2020: Scottish mesh implant women to be offered case reviews - BBC News:

1 December 2019: Mesh Victims: Thanks for meeting us, FM, but we're not sure you were listening to us:

28 November 2019: East Renfrewshire Mesh survivor feeling 'optimistic' after meeting with First Minister:

25 November 2019: US specialist to treat Scottish mesh patients next year, campaigners told:

25 November 2019: Calls for better support for transvaginal mesh survivors:,calls-

24 November 2019: 'We have waited a long time for this': mesh Victims prepare to meet the First Minister:

3 November 2019: Minister orders review of mesh implant removal in Scotland amid mounting concern:

3 November 2019: First Minister calls US surgeon to invite him to Scotland:

27 October 2019: Mesh victims: Scrap pointless US trip and concentrate on bringing world-leading expert to Scotland:

20 October 2019: Mesh makers agree £100m payout in US:

18 October 2019: Newton Mearns mesh survivor to meet Nicola Sturgeon over scandal:

13 October 2019: Mesh-injured women demand review of every removal amid fears that scores of life-threatening implants remain in place despite surgery:

13 October 2019: The Sunday Post View: The First Minister is right to meet the victims of mesh. It is not before time:

6 October 2019: Sorry, I'm out: World-leading mesh doctor calls off trip saying Scots surgeons and officials don't want to
know - Sunday Post:

15 September 2019: As Scots delay, Welsh start talks to invite mesh removal surgeon as despairing victims claim Health Secretary's promise is in peril:

8 September 2019: "This surgery did not just change my life, it saved my life": Mesh victim hails kindness of surgeon and
supporters after trip to US is arranged days before she lost an organ:

8 September 2019: World-leading mesh surgeon reveals months of talks have failed to fix his trip to Scotland despite
minister's pledge:

8 September 2019: The Sunday Post View: Can someone tell our health secretary the good news?:

11 August 2019: Don't look, don't see: Family ask why there was no post mortem for first woman in the UK officially killed by mesh:

11 August 2019: The Sunday Post View: Say nothing and do nothing...Civic Scotland steeped in sullen silence over mesh and
blue water schools:

21 July 2019: “I will forever have to live with the knowledge that my organs might have been saved if Jeane Freeman had only done
the right thing at the start…she will have to live with that knowledge too”:

15 July 2019: Mesh victims want non-urgent removals halted until US expert arrives:

30 June 2019: Health Secretary under increasing pressure as official records fuel fresh claims she mislead parliament:

23 June 2019: Show us the minutes: Health Secretary under mounting pressure to prove there was no plan to bring back mesh:

23 June 2019: The Sunday Post View: Breakthrough for mesh victims but NHS must act fast:

16 June 2019: Campaigners round on Health Secretary after accusing her of misleading parliament on help for victims and
plans to reintroduce mesh:

9 June 2019: Video: "I asked for help, Minister. Instead, you gave me more words, words that will not stop me losing two organs in
six weeks' time".:

2 June 2019: Mesh victim forced into £15,000 trip to America for life-changing operation asks why ministers refuse to let surgeon
come to Scotland:

12 May 2019: Mesh victim facing awful surgery asks for action not more warm words:

10 May 2019: FM urged to intervene to ensure vaginal mesh patient gets surgery:

5 May 2019: Mesh victim appeals to health minister to let US surgeon try to remove crippling mesh implant before it's too late:

26 April 2019: Please help Scottish Mesh Survivor Lorna Farrell get life changing surgery:

28 April 2019: U.S. bans mesh as pressure mounts on British regulators:

26 April 2019: The Sunday Post's Marion Scott wins Campaign of the Year award for mesh scandal coverage:

11 April 2019: Campaigners welcome move for 'mesh survivors':

7 April 2019: Campaigners north of the border hit out as mesh implants cleared for use across England:

20 March 2019: Elaine is one amazing woman! - A Newton Mearns woman has been recognised at the No.1 Amazing Women
Awards in Glasgow:

18 March 2019: Mesh victims' concern over lack of action:

10 March 2019: A first step... Sufferers applaud the Health Secretary after she paves the way to bring US mesh surgeon to

8 March 2019: Health Secretary 'convinced' mesh ban was correct decision:

8 March 2019: No.1 Magazine Amazing Women Awards - The Winners:

5 March 2019: Call for US expert to operate on mesh implant victims:

4 March 2019: This is a national scandal... it demands a national response: Mesh victims urge ministers to fly in leading US surgeon:

4 March 2019: The Sunday Post view: Do the right thing, Health Secretary, fly in surgeons to help mesh victims:

25 February 2019: Divert waiting times cash to pay for mesh surgeon, urge victims:

17 February 2019: MSP Neil Findlay calls on mesh firms to 'do the moral thing' and compensate victims left in agony after surgery:

3 February 2019: We were forced to go to St Louis so this surgeon could finally ease our mesh pain.
Please, minister, bring him to Scotland:

23 January 2019: Mesh expert failed to declare £100,000 funding:

20 January 2019: Mesh scandal: Campaigners lash out ministers' refusal to fund leading surgeon:

17 January 2019: Doctors accused of 'gaslighting' Scottish mesh victims:

13 January 2019: Acclaimed surgeon offers to come to Scotland to ease agony of mesh victims:

23 December 2018: Mesh Survivors claim minister let victims down:

18 December 2018: Neil Findlay MSP: "It is an insult to Professor Britton and the Scottish Mesh Survivors that the Britton recommendations are not going to be implemented in full." Humza Yousaf apologises for botched review of mesh scandal:

10 December 2018: Scotland's other mesh scandal: Hernia patients reveal how their lives have been ruined by surgery:

1 December 2018: Grieving family demand answers over gran-grandmother's mesh death:

11 November 2018: It was meant to be a simple hernia op but it has left me in hell: Former sailor speaks out to reveal men are mesh
victims too:

11 November 2018: Minister in warning to watchdogs over mesh:

29 Oct 2018: Mesh victims dismiss apology from Nicola Sturgeon as 'nice sound bite' as he needs still denied vital treatment:

21 October 2018: Mesh victims: Ministers need to say sorry

30 September 2018: Scientists find superbugs thrive on plastics used in mesh implants:

19 September 2018: Ban on use of mesh hailed as a "decisive step"

19 September 2018: Grieving son who lost mother to mesh set to meet health secretary:

16 September 2018: Mesh campaigners welcome Government ban but say the fight goes on:

12 September 2018: Jeane Freeman announces 'immediate' Scotland mesh implant ban:

12 September 2018: Health Secretary to update Parliament on mesh controversy:

11 September 2018: Grieving son says use of mesh implants is a 'form of murder':

9 September 2018: Leader comment: Urgent need for review of surgical mesh implants:

9 September 2018: 'There is a horrible pattern of women not being listened to', Mhairi Black backs dying gran's fight for victims
of mesh:

6 September 2018: Scottish Government will consider review after mesh implant linked to Edinburgh pensioner's death:


2 September 2018: Dunoon mum's victory in battle over funding for mesh removal treatment:

26 August 2018: Scotland's Chief Medical Officer under fire for mesh implants claim:

22 August 2018: Mesh implant procedures should end in Scotland, report says:

22 August 2018: Criminal probe call over vaginal mesh 'dangers':

22 August 2018: Calls to ban vaginal mesh implants in Scotland after 'serious concerns' raised:

21 August 2018: Hundreds of women continue to undergo mesh operations despite Scottish Government's 'ban':

19 August 2018: Call for legal action against clinical mesh firms accused accused of ignoring patient safety:

12 August 2018: Memos reveal mesh firms were warned 21 years ago that material should not be used on humans:

12 August 2018: Fight for justice: "I want to die knowing other mesh victims might now be saved":

29 July 2018: Wales joins suspension of mesh surgery:

29 July 2018: Ordinary Kiwi women finalists in Women of Influence awards:

10 July 2018: NHS England calls 'immediate halt' to use of vaginal mesh as review finds harm outweighs benefit:

8 July 2018: Local MSP named as joint winner of 'Political Hero of the Year Award':

25 June 2018: Globetrotting Jill is bringing hope to mesh survivors:

6 June 2018: Mesh monitor group is just another whitewash, campaigners say:

1 June 2018: Mesh manufacturers fail in a bid to get cases thrown out

27 May 2018: Courageous Michele, who used her final days to warn fellow mesh victims of the risks, dies after cancer battle:

27 May 2018: Surgeons and politicians call for immediate ban of mesh implants made with Chinese plastic:

6 May 2018: Brave mum dying from cancer speaks out after controversial mesh treatment left her too weak for chemo.
"I cannot say mesh has cost me my life but it definitely cost me my chance of living." :
On behalf of Mesh Survivors everywhere, our sincere thanks to Michele and Lauren for speaking publicly and with such dignity to
Marion Scott - our thoughts and prayers are with you both

22 April 2018: Mesh campaigners to take legal action to remove their names from 'whitewash' report:

30 March 2018:

25 March 2018: Doctors saved £200 on my surgery but it cost me two organs and destroyed my life:

25 March 2018: MSP Rona Mackay: Benefits staff must understand mesh injuries call for action:

11 March 2018: US jury awards mesh victim almost £30m in damages over 'unreasonably dangerous' implant which has been used
in Scotland:

18 February 2018: House of Lords date for mesh patients:

9 February 2018: Woman 'crippled' by mesh implant surgery starts support group for victims:

4 February 2018: Mesh victims demand NHS Scotland okays treatment only available in England:

12 January 2018: Dr Karolina Agur raises awareness about the mesh scandal among the Polish community in the UK:

17 December 2017: 'It's the best Christmas present I could ever have hoped for': Mesh victim gets life-changing surgery after
Sunday Post report:

17 December 2017: Lawyer slams NHS Scotland and predicts mesh scandal will be as costly as as thalidomide pay-outs:

10 December 2017: Victim reveals how mesh destroyed her life as pressure builds on health minister:

10 December 2017: Mandy Rhodes: Why is our female-first Government running scared of mesh crisis?:

10 December 2017: Hundreds of women suffered because 'truth about dangerous mesh implants was withheld':

3 December 2017: We had the chance to lead the world in banning mesh and protecting patients.
We did not take it - Leading expert Dr Wael Agur:

17 November 2017: Tackling the taboos - Alex Cole-Hamilton leads Holyrood debate on incontinence:

26 October 2017: Scottish Mesh Survivors nominated for 'Campaign of the Year' at The Herald Scottish Politician of the
Year Awards - sincere thanks to all involved:

15 October 2017: Mesh victims head to Westminster to urge ministers to suspend ops that ruined their lives:

13 October 2017: Lib Dems call for incontinence prevention training in Scotland:

13 October 2017: National strategy to tackle incontinence is a 'matter of urgency', Lib Dems say:

1 October 2017: In America, mesh victim wins £42m payout. In Scotland, ministers spend just £4500 on inquiry into the scandal:

24 September 2017: The mesh implant scandal is a global catastrophe: Former health secretary Alex Neil calls for international
summit to tackle escalating crisis:

10 August 2017: Physiotherapist Elaine Miller: Why I wrote a comedy show about incontinence:

28 July 2017: Sling the mesh campaign:

21 May 2017: Probe to examine possible conflicts of interest in troubled mesh implant inquiry:


11 May 2017: Still got my motor runnin'!:

4 April 2017: Mesh Survivors Shall See The Justice They Deserve:

2 April 2017: mesh implant report set to face legal challenge:

2 April 2017: Insight: Down but not out after mesh implant 'whitewash':

30 March 2017: Nicola Sturgeon issues apology to mesh implant survivors:

26 March 2017: Mesh scandal findings have 'no credibility':

19 March 2017: 'Just tell us the truth': Mesh campaigners and MSPs have demanded that the report into mesh implants should be
'no whitewash':

12 March 2017: Mesh campaigners set for showdown talks with health secretary Shona Robison:

5 March 2017: 'Betrayed' victims quit mesh implants inquiry:

21 December 2016: Mesh implants deemed 'unnecessary risk':

Winter 2016-17: Nursing Scotland: Scottish Mesh Survivors: Fighting to save women from suffering in Future:

20 December 2016: Hundreds of dangerous mesh implant operations carried out in Scotland despite ban:

4 December 2016: Victims' fury as head of inquiry into mesh scandal quits just weeks before report due to be published:

26 November 2016: Maryhill gran's year of hell after waiting 14 months for vital op:

14 November 2016: Dundee woman suing NHS Tayside for £100K over failed operations:

21 September 2016: Call for investigation into 'fake' implants:

21 September 2016: Campaigners call for investigation into counterfeit mesh implants claim:

20 September 2016: Mesh implant campaigners demand a probe after US lawyer says medical firm used fake materials:


17 September 2016: Mesh survivor: 'I'm living in a waking nightmare':

13 August 2016: NHS facing £32m case over mesh implants:

13 August 2016: Claim damages over 400 mesh implants:

29 July 2016: Paisley couple help women who have been injured by controversial mesh implants:

29 June 2016: Mesh campaigner is nominated by MSP:

19 November 2015: Mesh survivors warn women - just say no to doctors:

19 November 2015: Mesh technique is still in use at Borders General Hospital:

8 October 2015: Aberdeenshire mum welcomes apology after implant scare:

7 October 2015: Shona Robison apologises to mesh implant victims:

6 October 2015: Shona Robison apologises to mesh surgery campaign women:

6 October 2015: Health minister Shona Robison quizzed over mesh implant report:

6 October 2015: Health minister apologises to mesh implant victims:

6 October 2015: Health secretary issues apology to mesh implant surgery campaigners:

6 October 2015: Robison 'sorry' over mesh implant surgery:

6 October 2015: Shona Robison apologises to women who have campaigned against controversial mesh implant surgery:

4 October 2015: Mesh implants review recommends better training for medical staff:

4 October 2015: Scotland: Mesh implant review published:

2 August 2015: Support helpline for women affected by mesh implants to launch:

2 August 2015: Mesh implant helpline goes live:

2 August 2015: Helpline for Scots mesh implant patients launched:

24 April 2015:

9 March 2015: Offer women physio first, not surgery:

3 March 2015: Mother tells how mesh implant left her in agony and forced her to quit dream job:

24 February 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: US lawyer likens 'dangerous' implants to asbestos as he gives evidence to
Holyrood committee:

25 February 2015: Health Chief: Mesh implant issues ‘not widespread’

10 February 2015: Johnstone mum’s agony goes on for years after nightmare mesh operation:

6 January 2015: Women have mesh implant surgery despite ban call:

16 December 2014: ‘I don’t have a life after op’

23 July 2014: “I went through hell”: mesh risks reviewed as women speak out:

23 June 2014: Health chiefs face flood of mesh legal claims:

17 June 2014: Health boards urged to suspend the use of mesh implants:

10 May 2014: Controversial bladder operation has failed three times for Dundee gran:

23 December 2013: Morning Star: Labour calls for end to medical implants causing severe pain:

4 October 2011:

Scotland - Sunday Mail Articles

18 September 2016: Mesh scandal: Lawyer claims counterfeit materials were used in controversial implants:

4 September 2016: Top surgeon says doctors are complicit in mesh scandal and it stains reputation of whole medical profession:

24 April 2016: Mesh scandal: Multinational accused of making mesh with resin smuggled from China:

13 March 2016: Mesh scandal: Scots campaigners vow to fight on as US firm close implant business after £1bn legal costs:

21 February 2016: Reckless: American attorney savages multinational healthcare manufacturer over faulty mesh implant used in Scotland:

24 January 2016: Mesh lawyers use mob law: New legal tactics as gran sues US manufacturers

4 October 2015: Three of the four mesh procedures routinely used in Scottish hospitals will no longer be recommended:

14 June 2015: Government facing massive payout if women if women aren’t warned about mesh implants:

7 June 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Implants at centre of $100m US compensation case used by Scottish NHS boards:

19 April 2015: Campaigning Sunday Mail reporter Marion Scott hailed as Scotland’s journalist of the year:

12 April 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Operation victims launch advice and support website:

22 March 2015: Patients in disbelief as mesh company sales reps were allowed in theatre while surgeons carried out intimate operations:

1 March 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Health watchdog accused of backing procedures without fully understanding the risks:

22 February 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: 166 operations AFTER Government urged health boards to stop them:

1 February 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: MSPs call on health minister and medical watchdogs to explain their stance:

25 January 2015: Mesh surgery scandal: Top US lawyer who claims manufacturers knew risks of implants to give evidence to
Scottish Parliament:

11 January 2015: Revealed: Campaigners accuse Holyrood of selling out victims as doctors ask for word ‘mesh’ to be removed
from new patient forms:

4 January 2015: Former Health Secretary Alex Neil accused of lying over suspension of mesh implant surgery:

7 December 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Fury as doctor wins trip to Brazil for recruiting patients to controversial implants trial:

26 October 2014: Sunday Mail Great Scot 2014: All the winners as big night ends on a high note after Texas win our Lifetime
Achievement Award:

5 October 2014: Revealed: Two doctors on mesh safety review team linked to makers of controversial devices:

28 September 2014: Top government medical adviser urges surgeons to continue with mesh implants despite ban ordered by
Health Minister:

14 September 2014: Mesh scandal: Another boost for Scottish campaigners as US victim wins £60m payout:

7 September 2014: Mesh scandal: Boost for Scottish campaigners as American victim wins £3m payout:

17 August 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Exercise therapies costing less than £130 could have saved victims from agony of op:

20 July 2014: Great Scot 2014: Mesh implants campaigners Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy nominated for award:

29 June 2014: Mesh group welcomes move by Health Secretary Alex Neil to keep them fully informed about safety review:

22 June 2014: Alex Neil: I chose to suspend mesh surgery ops because I did not trust official figures:

22 June 2014: Cheers and tears for brave mesh victims as controversial operations are suspended:

15 June 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Doctor hired to lead mesh probe used to work for manufacturers:

8 June 2014: Thalidomide victims back mesh campaigners in bid to seek compensation and force safety probe:

18 May 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Grieving daughter claims controversial operation for mother’s death and for making
her final years a living hell:

11 May 2014: Mesh surgery scandal: Health Minister Alex Neil calls for an urgent review of controversial treatment:

4 May 2014: Mesh implants scandal: American health bosses sound alarm on surgery branding certain procedures as ‘high risk’:

20 April 2014: Mesh implant scandal: Scots screen stars Libby McArthur and Frances Healy join Sunday Mail Hear Our Voice

13 April 2014: Campaigners renew calls for end to mesh implant operations after US courtsays device is defective:

6 April 2014: TOWIE star Amy Childs backs Sunday Mail’s campaign on Scotland’s mesh implant scandal:

23 March 2014: Mesh implant scandal: Victims urge people to sign petition to have controversial mesh banned from being used in surgery:

9 March 2014: Mesh implants scandal: Legendary activist Erin Brockovich joins Sunday Mail campaign for NHS patients left
in anguish:

9 February 2014: Health Secretary Alex Neil’s medical advisers held secret talks with controversial multinational mesh implant firm:

22 December 2013: Revealed: Shocking figures reveal that hundreds of women have been affected by mesh implant scandal:

1 December 2013: Neil rapped over NHS mesh dodge:

10 November 2013: Revealed: Scots doctors were told to warn patients about mesh surgery risks four years ago:

27 October 2013: Mesh implant bombshell for health service as leading lawyer claims every woman in Scotland given op can
sue NHS:

13 October 2013: Revealed: Medical watchdog gives Alex Neil go ahead to introduce safeguard to protect Scottish patients
from botched implants:

29 September 2013: Alex Neil orders NHS to warn women of mesh surgery facts after Sunday Mail highlights agonising plight of
hundreds of patients:

12 May 2013: Health Secretary Alex Neil pledges to support women left with a legacy of agony as a result of mesh scandal:

5 May 2013: Mum reveals how agonising legacy of failed mesh surgery drove her to the brink of suicide:

28 April 2013: Mesh scandal: Lawyer on why £7m compensation case will not be the last:

14 April 2013: US nurse who won a £10m legal action after botched mesh surgery backs our campaign to help Scots sufferers:

7 April 2013: Mesh operation victim Lynn Thyne reveals agony in emotional plea to health secretary:

7 April 2013: Health secretary must take plight of women affected by mesh problems seriously:

31 March 2013: NHS patients want summit with health secretary as they reveal agony after prolapse operations:

24 March 2013: Revealed: Implants used to treat bladder problems could be causing agonising health problems for hundreds of
Scots women:

UK, Ireland & Channel Islands
13 November 2023: Woman who suffered vaginal mesh implant complications awarded at least £1m:

14 December 2021: Surgery 'may have played a role in woman's death':

17 November 2021: Lorraine viewers 'put off' their breakfast as she does pelvic floor exercises live on air:
*SMS opinion: Huge well done and thanks to #Lorraine and Elaine Miller @GussieGrips for discussing this important topic.

9 July 2021: NHS system didn't listen to patients who came to harm, says Teresa May:

8 July 2020: Women's Health inquiry: Anger at slow progress:

13 April 2021: HORROR PROCEDURE - Casualty spoilers: Marty devastated as his mum left fighting for her life and Faith
makes huge mistake:

12 January 2021: Patients need a voice if we are to avoid the medical harm of the past:

6 January 2021: BMJ Feature: Competing Interests: Where the mesh inquiry leaves us regarding a register of doctors' interests:

5 January 2021: First Do No Harm APPG Co-Chair Baroness Cumberlege's Letter to the Editor in The Times:

21 August 2020: Doctors’ conflicts of interest | The BMJ: The mesh scandal has shown that a register is now essential

9 July 2020: The pelvic mesh scandal makes it clear: doctors must declare any funding - Margaret McCartney:

9 July 2020: Deeside woman reacts to new report into surgical mesh treatment:

8 July 2020: Ministers 'will not be forgiven' if they fail to act over pelvic mesh scandal which ruined thousands of lives, author of damning report warns:

8 July 2020: Mesh 'forced me into early retirement':

12 May 2020: The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review: Revised publication date for Review's report - Wednesday 8 July 2020:

16 February 2020: London Mayoral candidate forced to stand down over vaginal mesh concerns:

4 December 2019: Carl Heneghan: Australian judge finds mesh manufacturer negligent: here's why:

30 November 2019: Hernia mesh: Professor Green: I don't look at myself being a commodity. Music is my commodity but I am not for sale:

11 November 2019: Women suffering after vaginal mesh implants call for an audit:

16 October 2019: No redress for women injured by implants:

16 October 2019: 'It's like having a ticking time bomb inside you' - woman who has vaginal mesh implant:

4 October 2019: Rise in persistent UTIs could be linked to antibiotic crackdown:

26 September 2019: Cause of antibiotic resistance identified:

4 September 2019: Mother, 52, fundraising £26,00, tells of her 'years of hell' after having a controversial vaginal mesh implant fitted inside her as she seeks surgery in the US to rid her of her 'soul-destroying agony':

2 September 2019: Devon Live - We pick 75 of the most inspirational people from Devon: Susan Morgan, mum-of-two has relentlessly campaigned to stop the use of vaginal mesh implants after being left a virtual recluse due to the pain following surgery:

8 August 2019: Mary McLaughlin who represents mesh survivors in Ireland and the UK joined Declan on The Morning Show to
speak about her experience:

2 August 2019: The Tests for Vaginal Mesh Plastic Are 'Way Less' than for Vacuum Cleaners, Says Expert:

March 2018: Pelvic Pain SUPPORT NETWORK – Adhesions:

16 June 2019: Vaginal mesh implants: Women complain of delay in aftercare for severe complications:

12 June 2019: 'Europe must do more to restrict mesh implants' - Anderson:

12 May 2019: Mesh operation has ruined Co Down man's life:

5 May 2019: Chief of medical device watchdog resigns amidst accusations from vaginal mesh survivors:

2 May 2019: Wilkinson to step down as MHRA medical device chief:

29 April 2019: 'Margaret is in so much pain she can barely walk'...OAP tells of wife's implant torture at age 83:

25 April 2019: Mum killed herself after vaginal mesh made life unbearable:

8 April 2019: Agony of the women left behind by the national mesh scandal: After a change in medical guidelines thousands of
women will be spared controversial surgery, but who will help the victims left behind?:

2 April 2019: Bradshaw expresses concerns over mesh implants decision:

29 March 2019: Kept in the dark: Scotland rejects "Sunshine" legislation:

27 March 2019: Mesh implants wrongly used in dozens of patients, NHS admits:

5 March 2019: Call for US expert to operate on mesh implant victims resisted:

20 February 2019: 'In pain all the time': will there ever be a cure for chronic, life-changing UTIs?:

15 February 2019: Owen Smith MP: Vaginal mesh is only one of many medical device scandals and our regulatory system is to blame:

13 February 2019: Government accepts 'debilitating' effects of medical implants:

12 February 2019: Debate will hear how more than a 1,000 patients have died and 20,000 suffer serious consequences from medical implants:

12 December 2018: UTI test often fails to detect infection, say researchers: Study suggests standard test, widely used since 1950s,
does not work for chronic sufferers:
tract-infections-testing method?fbclid=IwAR2w5kNFdccvAdLeiaHyrzE4uXkvMcKhh4XUa_bgd5PA4ihS23o8fzDWTAk&__twitter_impression=true

6 December 2018: Devon victims of vaginal mesh scandal will take part in safety review next week:

27 November 2018: Pharma company 'KNEW vaginal mesh implant would leave women in pain':
Emails reveal executives were warned it could twist patients' nerves before it hits the market, report claims:

25 November 2018: Hernia mesh implants cost top British athlete five years of his career:

November 2018: Good Housekeeping Magazine: Are Pelvic floor exercises enough?

24 October 2018: 'Hundreds more' vaginal mesh implants need removal due to complications within a decade:

17 Oct 2018: WHAT A MESH I wanted to have my vaginal mesh implant removed - but it left me PARALYSED:

15 Oct 2018: The damning vaginal mesh dossier: Shocking failures behind the scandal - and the man who made millions from
inventing them:

11 Oct 2018: Newcastle University - Investigation exposes vaginal mesh scandal:

10 Oct 2018: How mesh became a four letter word:


22 September 2018: Belfast Health Trust purchase scanning device to further develop Northern Ireland mesh centre:

18 September 2018: Irish professor's research finds failure rate of some vaginal mesh treatments 'unacceptably high':

18 September 2018: Surgical mesh failure rates unacceptably high, expert says:

10 September 2018: Your health hero: The surgeon who fought for women whose health had been ignored for so long
(and the truly remarkable runners-up in our celebration of shining NHS stars):

1 September 2018: AGONY: 'Pain from hospital procedure made me wish I was dead':

31 August 2018: The Independent Medicines & medical Devices Safety Review has produced a poster for GP practices and community pharmacies encouraging anyone affected by Primodos, sodium valproate or pelvic mesh implants to get in touch. To download a copy visit our website (link:

9 August 2018: Tory peer visiting Southampton to meet victims of pelvic mesh implants:

9 August 2018: Local hospital Trust backs 'highly effective' 'banned' mesh procedures:

27 July 2018: Editorial - Seeing sense: Medical device ban:

24 July 2018: Ireland to pause use of transvaginal mesh after'understandable public anxiety':

10 July 2018: Government halts vaginal mesh surgery in NHS hospitals:

10 July 2018: Government review team is "appalled by the scale of tragic stories". The most commonly used mesh implant is suspended:

8 July 2018: Hospital recalls women who had pelvic floor surgery using mesh:

8 July 2018: HSE tells doctors they must inform women of 'longterm pain' risk before vaginal mesh operations:

6 July 2018: NICE to delay mesh guidelines despite campaigners efforts for urgency:

6 July 2018: Bristol bowel surgery patients recalled for case review:

13 June 2018: 'IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE' Carlow woman who had her life destroyed by mesh to meet with Health Minister to
prevent the same thing happening to others:

29 May 2018: Mother, 58, hanged herself after top bowel surgeon removed her ovaries during surgery without telling her
'because they were in the way'

19 May 2018: Plastic cups have more protective additives to stop them degrading than surgical mesh, expert warns:

18 May 2018: Local Newspapers Making A Difference:

17 May 2018: Guardian science reporter wins prize for vaginal mesh investigation:

17 May 2018: 'Women are in excruciating pain' - Protesters call for an immediate suspension of use of transvaginal mesh:

17 May 2018: Health Minister cancels meeting with women who suffered vaginal mesh complications:

9 May 2018: Ed Vaizey's view from Westminster: mesh surgery patients must be able to get compensation:

11 May 2018: Deeside MP Mark Tami responds to Welsh Government's vaginal mesh statement:

10 May 2018: NHS in Wales promised £1m a year to transform pelvic health treatment. Wales’ health secretary Vaughan Gething
has allocated £1 million a year to create new pelvic health care pathways so that women will receive physiotherapy or other conservative treatments before surgery is considered:

4 May 2018: Revealed: Devon hospitals are STILL using controversial mesh:

22 April 2018: Health Minister agrees to meet with women affected by vaginal mesh complications:

21 April 2018: Outcry by Peterborough MP as Government refuses to suspend controversial women's mesh implants:

20 April 2018: Fylde coast woman in 'constant discomfort' Commons hears during debate on vaginal mesh implants:

19 April 2018: Vaginal mesh surgery exposed women to 'unnecessary risks':

14 March 2018: Weston man left in 'chronic pain' 16 months after hernia surgery:

5 March 2018: 7 million women suffer incontinence: Now, the UK's top doctor has revealed her own ordeal to break
the most embarrassing taboo of all:

3 March 2018: Women are cannon fodder in the mesh implant disaster, says Spanish doctor:

28 February 2018: 'Plastic shrapnel' procedure subject of a government health review:

21 February 2018: 'We need to do better' says Teresa May after review is ordered into three women's health disasters: Vaginal
mesh implants, Primodos and Valproate:

15 February 2018: Sheffield scientists develop material which could help thousands of women:

14 February 2018: Vaginal mesh implants: High demand at new Belfast unit:

14 February 2018: New material suggested as better alternative for vaginal mesh:
14 February 2018: 'Plastic does not belong in the body, never mind a woman's VAGINA': Angry campaigners slam new
material that could replace controversial mesh implants:

10 February 2018: Dear Graham Norton 'A medical problem has blighted my marriage':

7 February 2018: The idea that only prolapse mesh causes problems is 'utter nonsense' say campaigners as the take their
fight to the House of Lords:

7 February 2018: Spalding pub couple join mesh fight at House of Lords:

6 February 2018: Now post-baby mesh operation is linked to superbug infections: Patients with the implant are becomming
increasingly resistant to antibiotics:

6 February 2018: 500 women say they have been left crippled and in agony by mesh implants they thought would help them:

2 February 2018: You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Surgeon is criticised for dismissing the scale of
women's suffering in the mesh implant scandal:

29 January 2018: Mother-of-six left unable to walk, use the toilet or have sex after botched mesh implant ripped her pelvic nerve -
and the painkillers to treat it wiped memories of her children:

26 January 2017: All medical implants need logging on a national register to save patients a lifetime of misery, say campaigners:

24 January 2018: Dáil hears call for audit over transvaginal mesh implants:

23 January 2018: Johnson & Johnson withdraws pelvic mesh device from Australian market:

23 January 2018: Mesh survivors present evidence to Senedd as ban campaign gathers momentum:

23 January 2018: Vaginal mesh implants - a straightforward procedure that's causing constant agony for Southampton women:

22 January 2018: Survey shows devastating impact of mesh devices on women:

8 January 2018: New Magazine - 'Vaginal mesh left us in agony':

18 December 2017: Gran reveals how her life was 'ruined' by controversial mesh implant:

12 December 2017: New Zealand bans vaginal mesh over safety fears:

2 December 2017: A mum of three who had a mesh implant has been left in so much pain she now needs 20 tablets a day:

30 November 2017: Brave women fighting for justice. Former Wisbech Grammar School student, now a journalism
undergraduate, writes on the vaginal mesh implant scandal:

25 November 2017: Mum says she bled every day for almost five years and blames it on a mesh implant:

24 November 2017: Scores of women say top UK surgeon left them with traumatic complications:

24 November 2017: 'It's just soul destroying': when pelvic surgery goes wrong:

24 November 2017: The mesh scandal is 'institutional denial' says lawyer following Parliamentary speech saying
mesh injured women cost the NHS hundreds of thousands in long term care:

23 November 2017: Westminster think tank says mesh is a growing global scandal and women are still not being taken seriously:

17 November 2017: Sling The Mesh holds 'virtual rally' of 10 Downing Street ahead of a Parliamentary meeting into the controversial
implants scandal:

10 November 2017: Counting the cost of mesh - women send us their monthly medication and the cost to the NHS is shocking:

4 November 2017: Carlow mum tells tells of her horror after transvaginal mesh implant leaves her bed bound and crippled with pain:

29 October 2017: Women's lives are at risk by Government's refusal to suspend controversial mesh operations, campaign warns:

29 October 2017: 'It had cut through and was sticking there': Irish women share vaginal mesh horror stories:

30 October 2017: Women injured by mesh tell of shattered lives - but health officials in Belfast say they will not suspend
the controversial operation:

26 October 2017: Surgical mesh campaigner says ongoing use is a 'scandal':

19 October 2017: Mesh Implants Have Hurt Thousands - We Cannot Undo Their Pain But We Can Make Sure This Never Happens Again:

18 October 2017: Government refuses to ban scandal-hit mesh implants despite cross-party calls for suspension and public inquiry:

18 October 2017: Pelvic mesh scandal: Northern Ireland victims to have their say at Westminster:

18 October 2017: Women who used vaginal mesh implants 'deserve an apology':

18 October 2017: Public inquiry call on implants as Hull MP leads debate:

16 October 2017: How COULD a supermarket bag like this be used to treat post baby damage?
Vaginal mesh is just one example of shocking failings in the medical implant industry:

13 October 2017: Surgeon warned patient safety experts that mesh implants were risky but they took no notice of him:

12 October 2017: It's barbaric and ruins women's lives...Mum who could barely walk after vaginal mesh implant calls for the
'disgusting' procedure to be banned:

10 October 2017: MPs to debate use of controversial vaginal mesh implants:

10 October 2017: If a car had this many faults it would be recalled - professor speaks about mesh implants on the day a
Parliamentary debate is announced on the growing controversy:

10 October 2017: Parliament set to debate controversial vaginal mesh which has destroyed the lives of thousands of women
as pressure mounts to ban procedure:

1 October 2017: One in ten women go to hospital for mesh complications, says landmark study, amid anger that patients are not
being listened to:

1 October 2017: Vaginal mesh scandal: women don't need body-shaming on top of their pain:

18 September 2017: Irish Women take legal action over 'razor blade' vaginal mesh implants:

16 September 2017: Mesh operation has stopped Welwyn Garden City grandmother 'living life to the fullest':

30 August 2017: Patients deserve better than this. Surgeon speaks of the 'Absolute disaster' of global approval systems
for women's pelvic mesh kits:

30 August 2017: 'It's totally barbaric and needs to be stopped': Mum-of-two opens her heart about vaginal mesh implant "nightmare":

23 August 2017: Pontypridd MP 'hopes to secure vaginal mesh debate':

22 August 2017: A mesh implant 'robbed' this mum-of-three of five years of her life:

18 August 2017: "I have pain every day, every hour, every minute. It never goes away." What it's like to live with surgical mesh:

18 August 2017: Gynecologist admits he would never allow his wife to have a vaginal mesh implant as medics joke women
whose sex lives have been destroyed by the procedure should have intercourse with ANIMALS:

16 August 2017: The devices have benefited a large number of women - but thousands have suffered serious adverse effects:

16 August 2017: Women left in agony after routine removal of vaginal mesh implants:

15 August 2017: Doctors accused of accepting benefits to push controversial mesh implants - with one manufacturer paying
out more than $4m - despite procedure destroying lives of thousands of women.

15 August 2017: 'Scandal' of vaginal mesh removal rates revealed by NHS records:

15 August 2017: Vaginal mesh implants: 'I really thought I was dying':

11 August 2017: Leading surgeons blast scandal-hit vaginal mesh procedure:

5 August 2017: Mesh concerns need addressing urgently. View article here...

5 August 2017: The biggest NHS scandal you've never heard of only affects women, but men should be just as concerned procedure-womens

4 August 2017: The future use of vaginal mesh implants is set to be discussed by a group of Welsh clinicians:

4 August 2017: Move to address concerns over vaginal mesh implants:

1 August 2017: Anguish of women who received 'mesh' treatment:

31 July 2017: A mum's medical mesh has 'embedded itself in her stomach wall' and left her in agony:

27 July 2017: The vaginal mesh scandal is the 'new Thalidomide' - so where is the outcry?:

25 July 2017: ‘So many women are being left traumatised by these implants’:

25 July 2017: Women damaged by surgical mesh to treat incontinence are furious at report rejecting calls for a ban:

24 July 2017: Thousands suffer in silence:

22 July 2017: 515 procedures involving use of controversial vaginal mesh implants to treat incontinence and prolapse:

22 July 2017: St Albans campaigner calls for end to pelvic mesh procedures:

20 July 2017: Mum claims vaginal mesh implant means she can barely walk, work or have regular sex with her husband:

20 July 2017: 'I told my husband he could sleep with someone else': Mother-of-two, 43, can no longer have sex and depends on a mobility
scooter after being fitted with controversial vaginal mesh implant:

19 July 2017: Connah’s Quay woman’s hopes for a public inquiry after Parliamentary mesh meeting:

19 July 2017: Weekly journalist takes fight to ban medical procedure to Westminster:

19 July 2017: Women meet MPs over vaginal mesh implants: Senior doctors call for public inquiry:

19 July 2017: ‘Danger’ of vaginal mesh surgery for new mothers:

19 July 2017: Vaginal mesh implant sufferers take fight to Westminster's door:

18 July 2017: Senior doctors call for public inquiry into use of vaginal mesh surgery in UK:

18 July 2017: Campaigners call to suspend ‘life-changing’ procedure after accounts of chronic pain:

17 July 2017: Sling the Mesh campaigners from Norfolk and Cambridgeshire lobby MPs in London:

13 July 2017: Mesh implants are like ‘skewering women with kebab sticks’ and there is no reliable system to log problems:

4 July 2017: Deeside AM backing for Connah's Quay woman's drive to warn others about controversial treatment:

4 July 2017: Vaginal mesh risks downplayed by Johnson and Johnson,court told:

30 June 2017: MP calls for UK wide suspension on women's mesh implants which have "ruined lives":

6 June 2017: Women step up pressure to ban pelvic mesh implants - the biggest health disaster of our time:

6 June 2017: Your horror stories of post baby op that can ruin lives: With news that crippling incontinence mesh is finally being
investigated, four women tell how it has affected them:

1 May 2017: Why is the NHS still failing to help women maimed by post baby surgery? Mother, 28, is forced to spend
£4,500 to remove bladder-controlling mesh implant after two years of agony:

21 April 2017: NHS bosses tried to 'avoid media attention' over women's vaginal mesh implants agony:

21 April 2017: NHS tried to DODGE media attention over the agonising vaginal mesh implants that left hundreds of women in constant excruciating pain:

21 April 2017: NHS and medical devices regulator tried to limit scandal over vaginal mesh implants:

21 April 2017: Medical authorities wanted to 'avoid media attention' over mesh implants:

19 April 2017: What's your experience of vaginal mesh?:

19 April 2017: 1,000 women complain over "cheese-wire" horror of vaginal mesh implants:

18 April 2017: Why hundreds of women are suing the NHS over vaginal mesh surgery: 'It felt like I had cut glass inside me':

18 April 2017: 800 to sue NHS over 'barbaric' mesh implants that cause agonising pain:

16 April 2017: Mesh implant operations are up to nine times riskier than admitted by surgeons and the NHS:

15 March 2017: Surgical mesh used in hospitals across the region is set to be upgraded to a high risk medical device:

23 February 2017: Real People magazine: AAAARGGHHH It's got TEETH!:

16 January 2017: Nobody knows the true scale of the pelvic mesh scandal - but new figures show it could be as high as
almost 40 per cent:

24 December 2016: Ask for traditional surgery rather than pelvic mesh implants, says study out this week:

24 December 2016: Make 2017 the year you sort out these embarrassing moments:

22 November 2016: Mesh slings used in hospitals across the region are a bigger health scandal than Thalidomide,
says leading politician:

2 November 2016: French mothers don't suffer from bladder incontinence and nor should you:

26 October 2016: Bride needed pain relief injections to walk down the aisle after controversial incontinence surgery left her with an
egg-sized blood clot:

26 October 2016: Kathy's Story - The Danger of the TVT Bladder Sling:

3 October 2016: Hundreds of women left with health in ruins after bladder mesh ops, so why is treatment still offered?:

20 September 2016: Call for investigation over mesh implants allegations:

29 August 2016: 'A tragedy created by greed'. Mounting pressure for a women's mesh sling operation to be withdrawn:

25 August 2016: Real People magazine: Kath's story - Curse of a cure:

7 July 2016: Animals cannot tell researchers about the pain from mesh experiments - report into implants used in NHS
women's operations is criticised:

21 June 2016: Mesh mini slings cause "serious complications" and research into their use is "disappointing" says report by NICE:

28 May 2016: The story of Sling The Mesh journalist is used to educate surgeons around the world in a cutting edge
gynaecology conference:

24 May 2016: Washington, California sue over pelvic mesh implants:

30 April 2016: Are surgeons correctly trained? Leading Italian surgeon says mesh used in women's operations has a high rate
of complications:

1 April 2016: Woman disabled in a wheelchair from an operation gone wrong is told her pain will fix with counselling:

29 March 2016: Women's support groups are praised for highlighting the concerns of pelvic mesh:

28 March 2016: Yate mum Kimberley Vallis addresses the final female taboo - incontinence:

15 March 2016: 'It was like being stabbed with a shard of glass': Woman left in wheelchair after controversial incontinence
surgery that's destroyed thousands of lives:

15 March 2016: The incontinence surgery that's wrecked thousand's of woman's lives:

8 February 2016: Hundreds of patients recalled over pelvic floor operations:

29 January 2016: MP Owen Smith, Welsh shadow work and pensions secretary: 'In six years this is the worst medical issue
I have come across':

27 January 2016: I have adult incontinence: Kate Winslet gave me the courage to admit to a devastating affliction that
millions of women suffer:

18 January 2016: 'The worst medical issue I've seen' says MP supporting women's health campaign:

5 December 2015: NHS admits women have not always had the best care in mesh sling incontinence operations:

26 November 2015: From babies to barely able to walk by Kath Sansom:

27 October 2015: Dawn Martin, "It was the worst mistake I ever made":

5 October 2015: Scotland plans sweeping reforms, changes welcomed by campaigning journalist:

10 September 2015: Campaigners delighted about a report that shows mesh, used by surgeons in hospitals across
Cambridgeshire degrades while inside the body:

19 August 2015: Newly wed and Yate estate agent Kimberley Vallis joins Sling the Mesh campaign urging
other mums not to have bladder sling operation:

13 Aug 2015: A women's operation has risks that are like a "ticking time bomb" says city councillor:

25 July 2015: Sling The Mesh campaign: worrying lack of surgeons who have enough experience
to remove it when it goes wrong:

24 July 2015: Sling the Mesh: MP is cautiously optimistic about future patient care for women:

22 July 2015: Women2day: The 'Sling the Mesh' campaign:

20 July 2015: Mum of three leaks document to Sling The Mesh campaign to show that pain suffered after her operation is
being ignored despite being part of a trial that promised to monitor her for three years:
suffered_after_her_ operation_is_being_ignored_despite_being_part_of_a_trial_that_promised_to_monitor_

15 July 2015: Norfolk women back campaign raising concerns over safety of operation:

7 July 2015: Experts say it's safe. So why is this incontinence op leaving many women in such agony?:

2 July 2015: Women have reported "serious and debilitating problems" following an operation for incontinence often caused
by childbirth:

15 June 2015: Mum joins campaign to ban medical procedure:

12 June 2015: Sling the Mesh Campaign gathers support from around the world in its first week:

10 June 2015: We Trust the Medical Profession to Get It Right,
But the TVT Mesh Procedure Leaves Some Women Maimed for Life

5 June 2015: I feel like the unwilling victim of a cruel experiment that has gone horribly wrong:

4 June 2015: Pensioner joins campaign to ban operation after being left in 'intense' pain:

4 June 2015: Royston woman left in agony after surgery backs calls for the procedure to be suspended:

5 April 2015:

4 March 2015: Campaigner joins Scottish victims in call to ban controversial implant:

1 July 2014: Campaign group look for Wales to follow Scotland’s lead:

5 June 2014: Campaign against controversial mesh procedure steps up:

30 April 2013: Mary Madden: Should we assume medical devices work until proven otherwise?:

5 April 2012: St Helens mum left in agony by medical mesh launches campaign to help others:

3 September 2012: The scandal of women who STILL aren’t told the risks of bladder operations:

10 December 2011:

15 August 2011: It was a simple implant to treat an embarrassing problem…The incontinence operation that is ruining
women’s lives:

5 November 2021: Johnson & Johnson loses bid to take pelvic mesh appeal to High Court:

4 May 2021: Independent experts to follow up ACC as it reassesses declined mesh-injury claims:

8 April 2021: Medical giant Johnson & Johnson will appeal ruling on defective pelvic mesh implants affecting 10,000 Australians
s - just days after MORE women threatened to sue:

23 March 2021: Boston Scientific in $189 million settlement with U.S. states over surgical mesh:

5 March 2021: Johnson & Johnson loses court appeal over pelvic mesh negligence:

1 February 2021: Johnson & Johnson appeal plays down importance of vaginal mesh product brochures:

3 March 2020: Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay *2.6m in damages over vaginal mesh implants:

31 January 2020: Transvaginal mesh: Johnson & Johnson fined $344m for deceptive marketing to women:

24 January 2020: Cynthia Gagné. - Open Letter to Urologists:

13 December 2019: Surgical mesh patients paint bleak picture of life after toxic implants

13 December 2019: New Zealand women have slammed a no-fault compensation scheme blocking them from suing mesh manufacturers:

12 December 2019: Surgical mesh restorative justice report received:

12 December 2019: ACC to review declined mesh claims after 'confronting' report:

5 December 2019: Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Johnson & Johnson for alleged deceptive marketing of its pelvic mesh devices:

2 December 2019: Women In New Zealand Want To Sue Johnson & Johnson Over Mesh Implants. They Can't:

25 November 2019: Australian Patients Win in Closely Watched Mesh Class Action Against Johnson & Johnson:

23 November 2019: Where were the regulators? How authorities failed pelvic mesh victims:

21 November 2019: Federal Court finds in favour of Australia's pelvic mesh victims following class action against Johnson & Johnson companies:

21 November 2019: Johnson & Johnson Loses Pelvic Mesh Class Action in Australia:

21 November 2019: Justice Anna Katzmann says evidence 'overwhelmingly' against pelvic mesh device companies:

15 November 2019: More than 600 share surgical mesh trauma at restorative justice forums:

19 September 2019: Transobturator Slings More Dangerous Than Retropubic Slings:

21 November 2019: Australian women win landmark vaginal mesh class action against Johnson & Johnson

21 November 2019: J&J Found Negligent by Australian Court in Vaginal-Mesh Suit:

1 November 2019: A 'long, tough legal battle' by 1250 Australian women against pharmaceutical giant ends on November 21:

17 October 2019: AG Yost Announces $117 Million Multistate Settlement with Johnson & Johnson:$117-Million-Multistate-Settleme

17 July 2019: Neurological Symptoms of Vaginal Mesh Ignored as AUGS Does Nothing:

13 September 2019: Mesh Medical Device News Desk: California AG's J&J Deceptive Mesh Marketing Trial to Resume Monday:

8 August 2019: State attorneys argue J&J missed adequate label warnings in pelvic mesh trial:
6 August 2019: Former FDA commissioner says in J&J pelvic mesh trial that approval process based on raising of safety concerns:

5 August 2019: Surgical mesh patient: 'It is a constant battle':

31 July 2019: Call for ban on transvaginal mesh implants:

29 July 2019: Ethicon doctor says 20 percent erosion rate okay, sales manager says reps honest:

25 July 2019: During trial over vaginal mesh, Ethicon sales manager says reps not pushy:

23 July 2019: Surgical mesh victims slam Ministry of Health for ‘completely underestimating’ problem:

22 July 2019: Victim of surgical mesh problems fears forums could be ‘a waste of time’:

22 July 2019: Marketing expert testifies for state: J&J minimizes mesh implant risk in selling:

19 July 2019: Governments flying blind about extent of Australian pelvic mesh scandal:

5 July 2019: Transvaginal mesh: Young mum against Johnson and Johnson: 'It feels like your pelvis is on fire, with knives stabbing you from the inside':

8 July 2019: California AG's Trial to Begin Over J&J's Pelvic Mesh Devices:

5 July 2019: Patients harmed by surgical mesh get chance to speak out:

15 June 2019: The 'eight-minute' cure: how transvaginal mesh sentenced thousands of women to a life of pain:

11 June 2019: *Breaking News* Six Law Firms Sued for Malpractice in New Jersey Pelvic Mesh Litigation:

29 May 2019: Transobturator Slings: End of the Road:

24 May 2019: Gynaecologist Peter Petros put pelvic mesh devices in 13 large female dogs before implanting them in women:

24 May 2019: Two men charged in pelvic mesh removal scheme:

17 May 2019: Philadelphia jury orders J &J to pay $80 million to Media woman injured by vaginal mesh:

8 May 2019: Mesh device inventor denies knowingly misleading NSW health regulator:

4 May 2019: 80,000 Deaths. 2 Million Injuries. It's Time for a Reckoning on Medical Devices. - Patients suffer as the F.D.A. fails to adequately screen or monitor products:

27 April 2019: Submit report on any adverse reaction to pelvic mesh, J&J told:

26 April 2019: America has banned a group of problem pelvic mesh devices with origins in Australia in the 1980's:

22 April 2019: Johnson & Johnson pays $9.9M to settle Washington state pelvic mesh lawsuit:

9 April 2019: 'I was in tears and he was doing things with his phone,' say mesh-injured woman:

2 April 2019: Dr Peter Perris assured a colleague he could 'mollify' investigators looking for answers:

18 March 2019: FDA says more needs to be done to assess materials in devices:

8 March 2019: Daughter of woman who suicides after mesh surgery wins legal battle against surgeon:

12 February 2019: Experts Weigh Whether Vaginal Mesh Should Be Pulled From US Market: market/?utm_content=bufferea950&utm_medium=social&

12 February 2019: FDA Panel Assesses Risks of Women's Surgical Mesh:

8 February 2019: Boston Scientific redesigns , upsizes mesh sling system for men with stress urinary incontinence:

31 January 2019: Philadelphia Jury Awards $41M Verdict to Woman Who Needed 9 Surgeries to Fix Defective Pelvic Mesh:

10 December 2018: FDA to revisit transvaginal mesh issues at February meeting:

7 June 2018: New Hernia Surgery Standards Paid for with Industry Money:

28 November 2018: Work on Bill coincides with implant study results:

27 November 2018: Dr Veronikis Gives Answers - Courtesy of and thanks to the Australian Pelvic Mesh Support Group:

25 November 2018: Medical Devices Harm Patients Worldwide As Governments Fail On Safety:

23 October 2018: Pelvic mesh: Obstetrician says profession must learn from scandal, calls for a register

17 Oct 2018: Australia and Britain have stopped vaginal mesh implants - California should, too:

15 Oct 2018: Advocates thankful apology for surgical mesh victims coming:

12 Oct 2018: Judge Rejects Bard's Motions to Toss $68M Pelvic Mesh Victory:

8 October 2018: Auckland woman dead after two years of pain from surgical mesh:

25 September 2018: Women demand Federal Government response to Senate inquiry into pelvic mesh scandal:

24 September 2018: Standard improved to stop 'tragic' surgical mesh stories:

24 September 2018: A NSW tribunal would have de-registered gynaecologist Richard Reid, but he retired before it's decision:

14 September 2018: Concern grows over hernia mesh as more patients share post-surgery horror stories:

31 July 2018: Surgical mesh implants may cause autoimmune disorders:

30 July 2018: Surgical mesh implants may cause autoimmune disorders:

18 May 2018: Dr Peter Petros faces third disciplinary action since 2005 after pelvic mesh surgery complaints:


11 April 2018: Women in landmark pelvic mesh case have sought strong future warnings for devices:

8 April 2018: Australia bans mesh after Scots' evidence:

2 April 2018: nib head Mark Fitzgibbon says insurers are silenced despite public health concerns:

2 April 2018: Regulators, doctors in firing line after Senate report on pelvic mesh scandal:

30 March 2018: Calls for NZ to follow Australian Senate surgical mesh report, which says use it as a 'last resort':

28 March 2018: Vaginal Mesh Implants Left 'Thousands Of Aussie Women Deformed':

30 March 2018: Vaginal mesh only as a last resort: report:
28 March 2018: "Torture device' vaginal mesh only as last resort: report:
28 March 2018: A Senate report has targeted the 'payment of inducements' to doctors and hospitals linked to mesh scandal:
28 March 2018: 11 Horror Stories From The Australian Pelvic Mesh Implant Report:
27 March 2018: Pelvic mesh-injured women were in tears over delayed inquiry report release:
27 March 2018: Pelvic mesh implants: How tracking vehicle parts is easier than medical devices:

27 March 2018: Surgical mesh advocacy group targets MPs, has Jacinda Ardern interested:

26 March 2018: Pelvic mesh implant patients want answers from Senate report:

20 March 2018: Senator says doctors could need 'expertise' to identify gender issues raised in mesh inquiry:

21 March 2017: Surgical mesh patients 'totally failed' by health system, gynaecologist says:

13 February 2018: Mesh News Desk: Appeals Court Upholds Boston Scientific Obtryx $19 Million Loss:

2 February 2018: 'Had Enough': Perth mum joins Johnson & Johnson class action after years of pain:

8 February 2018: Australian Department of Health group warned pelvic mesh devices should be 'archived' as early as 2007:

31 January 2018: Vaginal mesh complications too severe to be inflicted on patients, court told:

29 January 2018: Woman battling surgical mesh complications swims in Wellington Harbour race:

24 January 2018: Mesh victims celebrate 'extraordinary' move by American pharmaceutical giant:

14 January 2018: Risks from surgical mesh in hernia repair too high, Canadian surgeon says:

12 Jan 2018: Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay NJ Resident $15 Million:

9 January 2018: Mesh Trials on the Horizon:

3 January 2018: Alison Blake was 64 when she took her own life following pelvic mesh surgery complications:

21 December 2017: Pelvic mesh death horrifies consumer health groups campaigning for total mesh ban:

11 December 2017: Review: Vaginal Mesh Devices Released Without Clinical Trials:

11 December 2017: Medsafe removes surgical meshes from supply in New Zealand:

3 December 2017: In October Christina Brajcic was in hospital, lucky to be alive. A month later she was dead:

1 December 2017: 'Historic' targeted ban on pelvic mesh devices does not go far enough, say women and health groups:

1 December 2017: Controversial pelvic mesh devices banned in Australia by medical watchdog:

1 December 2017: Without warning, Australia bans surgical mesh products for pelvic organ prolapse:

30 November 2017: Hinch hails ban on vaginal mesh products:

30 November 2017: Pelvic mesh problems need register now:

29 November 2017: Transvaginal mesh products used to treat pelvic organ prolapse have been banned overnight by Australia's
Therapeutic Goods Administration after a review found "the benefits do not outweigh the risks these products pose to patients":

29 November 2017: Australia bans transvaginal mesh products as 'too risky':

November 2017: Trans vaginal mesh injuries - is anyone accountable?:

26 November 2017: Daughter Fighting Late Mother's Pelvic Mesh Case:

20 November 2017: A Senate inquiry into pelvic mesh has put back final report until February:

13 November 2017: Australian pelvic mesh victims want to sue state health departments and regulators:

5 November 2017: Australia's health watchdog accused of 'too close' relationship with industry:

5 November 2017: Crippled with pain, a grandmother is taking her fight to the High Court:

30 October 2017: Australia's medical device regulator acts after women's outrage:

30 October 2017: Hunter woman implanted with pelvic mesh device at 22 joins historic class action:

29 October 2017: Thousands of women take legal action over mesh implants:

18 October 2017: Surgical mesh injuries rising, ACC figures show:

4 October 2017: Vaginal mesh lawsuit: executive denies prioritising Johnson & Johnson interests:

4 October 2017: Strong recommendations on surgical mesh but still no government action:

18 September 2017: Surgeons lacked caution in use of vaginal mesh implants, doctor admits:

18 September 2017: Half Of The Women With Mesh Implant Complications Lose Their Partners, A Senate Inquiry Hears:

17 September 2017: A Sydney Senate inquiry told devices were 'decommercialised':

8 September 2017: The stories of women who have had mesh implants is heartbreaking: "Pain is with you all the time":


29 August 2017: Aussies turn focus on NZ's surgical mesh problems:

28 August 2017: Pelvic mesh victims disgusted at suggestion of anal sex solution:

25 August 2017: Perth doctor 'aghast' at sex advice to pelvic mesh victims:

23 August 2017: The pelvic mesh device scandal reveals where medicine has lost its way:

22 August 2017: Australian Medical Association president confirms AMA WA's role in pelvic mesh scandal:

18 August 2017: Pelvic mesh victims demand meeting with minister over 'alleged cover-up':

14 August 2017: Potentially damaging surgical mesh kits still on hospital shelves with doctors unaware on cancellation:

7 August 2017: Surgical mesh: A decade of damage:

4 August 2017: A Melbourne Senate inquiry hearing was told up to 3000 women left with serious mesh injuries:

3 August 2017: Court awards woman $1 million for surgical mesh infection:

3 August 2017: Victorian Senator Derryn Hinch says Senators at a mesh inquiry are determined to get answers for women:

31 July 2017: 'Soul destroying' meeting with Health Minister, surgical mesh victims advocates say:

22 July 2017: Perth women ‘used as pelvic mesh guinea pigs’ want answers from WA government:

19 July 2017: A Senate inquiry on pelvic mesh hears mesh victims have been treated like child sexual abuse victims:

19 July 2017: Newcastle business owner says 2005 mesh surgery left her with many unknowns:

14 July 2017: Surgical mesh victims bear pain to confront health minister:

12 July 2017: Questions over pelvic mesh implants ring louder than ever:

10 July 2017: Johnson & Johnson tried to prevent report about pelvic mesh devices, court hears:

10 July 2017: Barry campaigner backs parliamentary discussion of surgical mesh:

5 July 2017: Port Pirie women report in national vaginal mesh implant complications survey:

4 July 2017: "I would not want my wife to undergo this procedure": pelvic mesh inventor:

3 July 2017: NSW Health is investigating how male company rep attended a woman's surgery without her knowledge: 

3 July 2017: Transvaginal mesh devices are one of Australia's greatest medical scandals:

2 July 2017: Stinging attack over surgical mesh inaction by Winston Peters:

29 June 2017: Former Newcastle University doctor in Victorian health mesh probe:

6 June 2017: Vaginal mesh controversy shows collective failure of the TGA and Australia's specialists:

4 June 2017: Four mesh deaths but government drags heels on inquiry: 'Mum always put on a brave face for us':

4 June 2017: Patients who say surgical mesh has made their lives a 'living hell' question why it's still being used:

4 June 2017: Christine Rankin says she was a victim of mesh surgery:

3 June 2017: Australian Pelvic Mesh Support Group says all pelvic mesh devices should be banned:

29 May 2017: Pelvic mesh Senate inquiry will hold regulators to account:

29 May 2017: Lake Macquarie woman joins more than 1700 others for Senate inquiry on pelvic mesh:

28 May 2017: Wollongong women break their silence: 'I don't where to go for help':

25 May 2017: Thousands of women left in agony after 'gold standard' surgery:

25 May 2017: Women Claim This Surgery Has Cost Them Their Happiness, Their Sex Lives, And Hundreds Of Thousands
Of Dollars:

23 May 2017: Oh my UTI: Everything you need to know about Urinary Tract Infections and how to battle through:

10 May 2017: Family agony over mum's pain:

11 May 2017: 'Vaginal mesh implant has ruined my life - it's just so hard to go on':

9 May 2017: Transvaginal mesh problems grossly under-estimated:

9 May 2017: Vaginal mesh implant destroyed my life: Perth mum speaks out:

4 May 2017: Transvaginal mesh devices under the spotlight as Australian senate inquiry nears:

1 May 2017: Caz Chisholm is recognised for campaign supporting women pelvic mesh victims:

26 April 2017: Australia's peak health regulator has not pursued one pelvic mesh prosecution:

26 March 2017: Hernia mesh complication 'like torture' for Christchurch grandfather:

14 March 2017: Pelvic mesh devices hit by allegations of research fraud, experimental surgery on thousands of women:

14 March 2017: Newcastle doctor and Queensland colleague sounded alarm on mesh in 2003:

14 March 2017: Transvaginal mesh devices have left many women with permanent injuries:

14 March 2017: Transvaginal devices under the spotlight:

2 March 2017: Senator Derryn Hinch urges women to make submissions to a senate inquiry into pelvic mesh devices:

16 February 2016: Derryn Hinch has won Senate approval for an inquiry into gynaecological mesh devices:

15 February 2017: Mesh device appeal against decision by Australia's peak health watchdog:

2 February 2017: Thousands sue over implant:

7 December 2016: The danger of the TVT bladder sling: A mother's story:

30 November 2016: Researchers Examine Effect of Mesh Treatment on Women with Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence:

15 November 2016: Transvaginal Mesh Maker Accused of Racketeering:

15 November 2016: Transvaginal Mesh Maker Accused of Racketeering:

4 October 2016: Boston Scientific loses bid to toss $19m pelvic mesh loss:

6 September 2016: Politicians still prevaricating over surgical mesh:

2 September 2016: Patient fears surgical mesh agonies won't stop despite changes:

31 August 2016: Surgical mesh survey shows 'horrific' effects:

24 August 2016: Surgical mesh registry to be considered by Ministry of Health after petition:

18 August 2016: Greater Cincinnati firm faces lawsuit over deceptive marketing allegations:

16 August 2016: Kentucky AG sues Johnson & Johnson over vaginal implants:

28 July 2016: Inquiry into surgical mesh needed:

15 June 2016: Surgical Mesh Registry needed immediately:

14 June 2016: Boston Scientific adds new warnings to surgical-mesh devices:


30 May 2016: Toni's story a tragedy:

27 May 2016: Suit filed against makers of Prolene Mesh System over alleged injuries:

25 May 2016: States file lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over pelvic mesh implants:

25 May 2016: AGs: Pelvic mesh implants caused dire complications:

24 May 2016: California sues Johnson & Johnson over marketing for pelvic mesh:

23 May 2016: J&J settles pelvic mesh appeal before Texas Supreme Court:

23 May 2016: Mesh women to meet Australian health regulator in Canberra during campaign for Senate I photos, video, poll:

19 May 2016: Women left in chronic pain after having now-banned TFS device implanted:

6 May 2016: Australian mesh device manufacturer failed to show how benefits outweighed risks:

6 May 2016: Mesh device victims quiet no longer:

22 April 2016: Johnson & Johnson Settled NJ Pelvic Mesh Lawsuit for $5 Million:

22 April: Woman claims win over ACC after 13 years:

13 April 2016: Grand jury convened in probe of Boston Scientific:

13 April 2016: 'We've lost so much': Senate urged to act on failures over mesh implants:

13 April 2016: Hunter man demands hospital records: Son's fear for mother broken by mesh surgery:

6 April 2016: J&J's vaginal-mesh costs may rise if $5 million deal is a guide:

4 April 2016: Boston Scientific Shares Inactive as FDA Says Aware of Possible Counterfeit Raw Material in Surgical Mesh:

30 March 2016: In mesh litigation, how a casual corporate decision ruined one woman's life:

19 March 2016: The NSW Care Complaints Commission has confirmed investigations over mesh surgery:

15 March 2016: Australia prolapse mesh device manufacturer tells regulator it "documented" mesh changes:

14 March 2016: The Therapeutic Goods Administration admits assessment process lacked "rigour":

13 March 2016: Difficulty issues remain about mesh surgery for women:

12 March 2016: Medical mesh concerns raised:

27 January 2016: J&J to pay $120 million in its first big mesh settlement:

9 January 2016: In light of FDA rules, pelvic mesh devices face uncertainty:

5 October 2015: Waimate woman complains after pain from surgery at Timaru Hospital fails to subside:

18 August 2015: Company faces US legal action over mesh surgery:

4 August 2015: Bard Said to Pay $200 Million to Settle Vaginal-Mesh Cases:

2 June 2015: Mesh injured victims rally to resolve cases filed infederal court:

27 May 2015: Calls for parliamentary inquiry into use of surgical mesh:

18 May 2015: Gynaecological mesh maker appeals deregistration ruling

18 May 2015: Medical Council stops Reid from doing major surgery

8 May 2014: What big pharma is saying behind your back as it tries to sell you defective medical devices:

20 April 2015: New Scottish Mesh Survivors Erect Website for Mesh-Injured

7 September 2014: Hunter women join class action against Johnson & Johnson over mesh genital implant devices:

3July 2014

12 October 2013: Woman sues Johnson & Johnson in possible $1.7 Billion class action suit:

13 June 2012: A Female Surgical Nightmare:

  Television, Radio & YouTube


24 October 2023: Scottish Government Debate: Transvaginal Mesh: Watch here on Scottish Parliament TV if you missed the Debate:

21 April 2023: Mesh survivors' trust 'completely depleted':

2 March 2023: The mesh in my body is a 'ticking time bomb':

12 July 2022: Women affected by the mesh implant scandal in Scotland are to be offered removal surgery in the US.
Health Secretary @HumzaYousaf says it means the NHS will cover all the costs:

6 June 2022: Fund to compensate mesh implant victims opens for applications

2 February 2022: Citizens Participation and Public Petitions Committee: Petition PE1865: Suspend all surgical mesh and fixation devices:

25 January 2022: Stage 3 Proceedings: Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill - watch here:

25 January 2022: I travelled to the US and paid £19,000 to have mesh implant removed:

24 November 2021: Campaigners stage a protest outside the New Victoria Hospital in Glasgow. Mesh implant patients
challenge government over surgery delays:

24 November 2021: Scottish Government set out plans to compensate mesh victims:

24 November 2021: Chamber Business: Stage 1 Debate and Financial Resolution: Transvaginal Mesh Removal (Cost Reimbursement) (Scotland) Bill at 14:50 - 17:00 (Guide times only, subject to change):

26 October 2020: Health, Social Care and Sport Committee

23 June 2021: Mesh implants: Scottish government to reimburse removal surgery cost:

7 July 2020: The Cumberlege Review. How has the healthcare system responded to concerns raised by women:

20 May 2020: Mesh implant women to receive £1,000 payments:

25 November 2019: First Minister tells campaigners deal is in place to bring mesh surgery expert to Scotland:

6 October 2019: US mesh expert asked to reinstate trip to Scotland:

9 September 2019: Mesh campaigner: Bring amazing surgeon to Scotland now:

19 June 2019: US mesh expert to be brought to Scotland:

20 May 2019: The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review - Oral Hearing Sessions: Read by Valerie Brasse on behalf of Scottish Mesh Survivors - Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy:

13 April 2019: Greg Tansey: St Mirren midfielder opens up on rare bone infection:

1 April 2019: The Scottish Parliament's cross-party Public Petitions Committee: Frank's Law, from petition to policy:

17 December 2018: Mesh implants: Man speaks of devastating impact:

27 November 2018: IMMDS Review ORAL HEARING SESSIONS: DR Wael Agur:

21 November 2018: IMMDS Review ORAL HEARING SESSIONS: Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy - SCOTTISH MESH SURVIVORS:

4 November 2018: Scotland's First Minister in answer to Karen: "We in effect have a ban on these mesh procedures and trying to persuade Westminster based MHRA to ban them too":

26 October 2018: 'Systematic' failings in mesh implants review:

25 October 2018: Scottish Government offers apology to mesh victims:

12 September 2018: 'Immediate' halt on use of mesh implants in Scotland:

6 September 2018: Inquiry call after mesh implant 'linked to woman's death':

23 August 2018: Podcasts By The Scottish Parliament: Johann Lamont MSP, Convener of the Public Petitions Committee, and
Brian Whittle MSP, member of the Committee, both discuss the newly released report on polypropylene mesh medical devices:

22 August 2018: BBC Radio Good Morning Scotland discusses the Committee's Report on Mesh Medical Devices, speaking with
Convener Johann Lamont, Scottish Mesh Survivors Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy and CMO Catherine Calderwood: (ff to 36 mins, 1 hr 36 mins, 2 hrs and 2 hrs 9 mins)

20 August 2018: Committee's report on mesh report criticises continued use of procedure:

20 August 2018: Committee Deputy Convener calls for "positive response" to mesh implants report:

21 August 2018: MSPs call for ban on mesh implant use:

10 July 2018: Good Morning Scotland speaks to Scottish Mesh Survivor Lorna Farrell and Thompson's Senior Lawyer
Lindsay Bruce (ff 2 hrs 8 mins):

2 June 2018: Better orgasms and no leaks: Tips for a strong pelvic floor:

11 December 2017: Panorama: The operation that ruined my life:

28 September 2017: Mesh patients say they were 'duped':

28 September 2017: Journalist Marion Scott who started the mesh campaign speaks candidly about the growing global scandal:

27 September 2017: Scottish Mesh Survivor Linda McLaughlin speaks to BBC Radio Scotland - Newsdrive (ff 1hr 37mins):

27 September 2017: Mesh implant surgery 'decimated my quality of life':

27 September 2017: Expert who quit mesh implant review warns over use:

18 May 2017: Minister says expert will look at mesh implants review:

20 April 2017: 'My life has been destroyed by mesh implants':

30 March 2017: Robison defends mesh inquiry findings:

27 March 2017: Mesh implant campaigners 'betrayed' by report publication:

5 March 2016: Mesh sufferers quit expert group over 'diluted' report:

21 December 2016: Mesh implants treatment brings unnecessary risks says study:

19 December 2016: Scottish Mesh Survivor Lorna Farrell bravely shares her story:

19 December 2016 :Mesh implant woman says it made life 'a nightmare'

19 December 2016: Mesh implants still used in Scotland despite suspension call:

20 September 2016: Mesh implant campaigners call for criminal investigation:

20 September 2016: Mesh Implant Campaigners Call For Investigation:

20 September 2016: Mesh implant campaigners call for criminal investigation:

7 October 2015: BBC Radio Scotland
Scottish Mesh Survivor Lorna 36mins - 44 mins and Cabinet Secretary Shona Robison - 1 hour 10 mins - 1 hour 19 mins:

25 June 2015: This Morning: Are you embarrassed by incontinence?

1 March 2015: BBC Report with Graham Stewart

1 March 2015: Halt mesh implants over safety concerns:

1 March 2015: Health Secretary calls for halt on mesh implants:

1 March 2015: Health Secretary Shona Robison call for mesh implants suspension:

25 October 2014: Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2014 – Unsung Hero – “Hear Our Voice:

25 October 2014: Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2014 - Unsung Hero - Hear Our Voice:

25 October 2014: Sunday Mail Great Scot Awards 2014: Still Game actors - Ford Keirnan and Greg Hemphill

3 June 2014: Mesh implants victims give ‘heartbreaking’ evidence to MSPs: BBC Scotland News link:

13 May 2014: Scottish Government under pressure to suspend use of mesh implants:

11 March 2014: Faulty implants end women’s sex life:

UK, Ireland & Channel Islands
8 February 2024: Mesh scandal: NI victims need payout says campaigner - BBC News:

7 February 2024: Mesh and sodium valproate scandal victims need payouts soon, report says - BBC News:

10 January 2024: My Prolapse and Me: Pelvic organ prolapse is a common health condition but can be seen as a taboo:
Christine, Natashja, Jo and Sam share their stories of living with prolapse to help lift the stigma around pelvic health:

24 January 2022: Mandy Jackson Shares Her Pelvic Mesh Removal Story:

8 December 2021: UK Parliament: APPG for First Do No Harm (Twitter) @APPG: In the second reading of the Health
and Care Bill yesterday, our co-Chair @juliacumberledge raised the need for redress schemes for those affected by
#Primodos, #Sodium Valproate and #mesh, as well as a new independent #RedressAgency. Watch on Twitter here...

17 April 2021: TV Drama: Casualty - Vaginal mesh storyline - BBC iPlayer:

26 January 2021: First Do No Harm APPG meeting with Minister for Patient Safety:

16 December 2020: Watch "Formal launch of the APPG for First Do No Harm" on YouTube:

8 July 2020: Woman's Hour - Cumberlege Review Reaction; Leaving School Rituals; Motherless daughters - BBC Sounds:

9 July 2020: Government says sorry to women 'ignored' by doctors:

8 July 2020: Sky News on Twitter: We have never encountered anything like this:

8 July 2020: Vaginal mesh: UK government told to apologise after 'damning' review:

8 July 2020: 'Horrifying' suffering of women in NHS was avoidable, review finds:

8 July 2020: Patient safety - will there be a big step forward?:

15 January 2020: Hernia nmesh implants used 'with no clinical evidence': Clip:

21 November 2019: Johnson & Johnson loses vaginal mesh class action:

25 October 2019: Kildare Focus listens to Dublin woman Lilian O'Neill who has suffered devastating mesh injuries for 20 years:

22 October 2019: Kildare Today Hour 2: Mary McLaughlin speaks about her experience of vaginal mesh tape (TVT-O) used to treat stress urinary incontinence and the pain and suffering she she endured as a result. Mary now campaigns to raise awareness:

18 October 2019: KFM Kildare: Listen: Women (Lesley-Anne Stephens and Margaret Byrne) Recount Their Stories Of Living With Vaginal Mesh Implants:

29 July 2019: Vaginal mesh: Tests on plastic material ‘way less’ thorough than on washing machine:

25 June 2019: Bristol colorectal surgeon Tony Dixon dismissed:

1 May 2019: BBC Spotlight International Mesh Awareness Day 2019:

5 April 2019: Bristol bowel operations compensation 'will cost millions':

5 April 2019: Life after vaginal mesh surgery:

27 March 2019: Bristol bowel mesh operations 'should not have gone ahead':

12 February 2019: Mesh surgery patient still in pain after five years on:

10 January 2019: Vaginal mesh: Northern Ireland centre progress 'frustrating':

26 November 2018: Medical device rules need 'drastic change' to protect patients -

26 November 2018: BBC Panorama: The Great Implant Scandal:

9 October 2018: Vaginal mesh should only be offered by NHS as 'last resort':

8 October 2018: Mesh 'last option' for incontinence:

26 September 2018: Hernia mesh complications 'affect more than 100,000':

30 August 2018: Victoria Derbyshire speaks to Dr Sohier Elneil who tells of 'a spike in vaginal mesh removal surgery': (available for 26 days)

10 July 2018: Immediate stop to NHS mesh operations:

10 July 2018: Vaginal mesh surgery suspended in England over risk of 'life-threatening injuries':

10 July 2018: Pause in surgical mesh use to be extended to Northern Ireland:

10 July 2018: Late Night Woman's Hour: Mesh implants halted in England:

11 May 2018: The One Show - BBC One, Thoroughly Deserving Winner of the NHS Healthcare Category Award -
Consultant Urogynaecologist and Uroneurologist for University College Hospital London Sohier Elneil:

9 May 2018: Vaginal mesh: Surgeons 'failed to comply with guidelines':

9 May 2018: Health Secretary promises changes after vaginal mesh report:

23 March 2018: 'The dark side to surgical mesh' - Sling The Mesh Documentary:

21 February 2018: Review ordered into epilepsy drug, vaginal mesh and Primodos:

21 February 2018: PM orders review into Primodos, vaginal mesh and epilepsy drug sodium valproate:

30 January 2018: Journalist Kath Sansom was 'wreck' after vaginal mesh implant:

23 January 2018: WATCH: Irish women explain the pain caused by vaginal mesh implant
*Members of a support group for women who experienced complications will protest outside Leinster House on 24 Jan

15 December 2017: Doctors told not to use vaginal mesh to treat prolapse due to 'serious' safety concerns:

12 December 2017: New Zealand bans vaginal mesh over safety fears:

11 December 2017: Panorama: The operation that ruined my life:

27 November 2017: Vaginal mesh operations should be banned, says NICE:

24 November 2017: Call for suspension of vaginal mesh implants following rise in 'severe' pain complaints:

18 October 2017: Journalist Kath Sansom was a 'wreck' after vaginal mesh implant:

18 October 2017: Women 'deserve apology' over vaginal mesh implants:

18 October 2017: Government rejects call for vaginal mesh implants ban:

18 October 2017: Vaginal mesh public inquiry turned down by Government:

17 October 2017: Special Report: The Mesh Scandal:

16 October 2017: Mesh surgeon investigated by NHS trust in Bristol:

30 September 2013: Vaginal mesh 'disaster' could be 'worse than Thalidomide', experts warn:

20 September 2017: Hernia mesh surgery leaves men in pain:

11 August 2017: Vaginal mesh campaigners welcome 'major development':

3 August 2017: 'Vaginal mesh surgery ruined my life and should be banned':

18 July 2017: Campaigners call for vaginal mesh ban after investigation by this programme:

18 July 2017: Legal action launched for vaginal mesh sufferers:

18 July 2017: Vaginal mesh procedures like ‘Russian Roulette’, say victims:

27 June 2017: Vaginal mesh surgery: Shock as women go to England for care:

26 June 2017: Vaginal mesh led to 'excruciating pain':

26 June 2017: NHS hernia mesh repairs 'leaving patients in chronic pain'

25 April 2017: Pelvic floor training in pregnancy could help prevent the need for 'barbaric' vaginal mesh surgery:

20 April 2017: 'My life has been destroyed by mesh implants':

18 April 2017: Call for end to TVT mesh implants after complications 'covered up':

8 September 2016: Campaigner calls for operation to cure incontinence after childbirth to be suspended: to-be-suspended/

27 June 2016: Medicolegal Aspects of FNUU Practice

6 October 2015: Disabled Gosport Woman Has US Surgery To Reverse Mesh Damage:

29 June 2015: Female Mid Urethral Tapes - The Devil's Work:

25 June 2015: Hundreds of women across the UK are calling for the ban of a medical procedure which has left them in chronic
pain - with some unable to walk:

25 June 2015: The woman campaigning for a controversial operation to be outlawed after it left her in constant pain:

19 May 2015: Sussex women back call for mesh implant surgery ban:

8 May 2015: Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford, reveals
the secrets behind the claims of drugs and devices designed to improve health and well-being:

April 2014: BBC Radio 4 You & Yours: Woman tells how mesh has ruined her life.

22 January 2014: Face the Facts:

23 May 2012: Regulation of medical implants: Carl Heneghan:

19 January 2012: Woman’s Hour: Urinary Incontinence and Transvaginal Tape


26 June 2023: Implants vaginaux : après des complications, des femmes portent plainte et dénoncent une "errance judiciaire"

26 October 2020: Many congratulations to Canadian mesh campaigner Cynthia Gange on her nomination for a prize with her
local Chamber of Commerce. Cynthia's St Louis mesh mission to Dr Veronikis has helped 200+ women

1 February 2021: Surgeons discounted in mesh trial: counsel:

17 December 2020: Canadian Government agree to reimburse $3 million costs to 135 women who went to US expert surgeon
Dr Dionysios Veronikis for safe removal of their transobturator mesh tapes/slings:

3 December 2020: 'Major catastrophe': Sydney surgeon calls for hernia mesh ban:

29 July 2020: Is New Zealand lagging behind UK in helping mesh survivors?

16 June 2020: Quebec women should be reimbursed for implant removal in U.S., report says:

30 May 2020: Canadian women to be compensated by Johnson & Johnson (Google translate for English):

3 March 2020: Women with transvaginal mesh implants to share $21.5 million in settlement:

13 December 2019: Ministry of health responds to surgical mesh report:

11 December 2019: Why is Pelvic Mesh still on the market?:

11 December 2019: Enquête: Removing the Sling: A Story of Pain and Denial:

29 November 2019: Quebec's college of physicians to investigate surgeries that remove incontinence sling:

17 November 2019: Surgical mesh sufferers' campaign group demands action:

21 November 2019: Women beat medical giant Johnson & Johnson in vaginal mesh lawsuit:

20 November 2019: Mesh trial ABC news:

21 November 2019: These women beat medical giants to win a landmark vaginal mesh class action case:

21 November 2019: Pelvic mesh maker Johnson and Johnson loses class action suit:

17 October 2019: J&J agrees to $117M settlement over pelvic mesh devices:

26 July 2019: Transvaginal mesh pulled from Canadian market following safety review:

26 July 2019: Health Canada says use of permanent vaginal mesh should be restricted:

5 July 2019: Woman who suffered 'dreadful pain' after surgical mesh implant, welcomes restorative justice forums:

14 June 2019: National mesh register "too expensive": campaigners dismayed:

1 May 2019: ABC News Breakfast - Interviews Justine from Mesh Injured Australia regarding pelvic mesh:

22 April 2019: Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson settles Johnson & Johnson surgical mesh lawsuit:

11 April 2019: Sean's Video Unfinished Business: Sean is the husband of a mesh injured woman. He provides a different perspective into a mesh injured person's life and the effect on the family.

12 February 2019: FDA Assessing Risks of Vaginal Mesh Amid Thousands of Lawsuits:

9 January 2019: Women with pelvic mesh complications at higher risk of depression, suicidal thoughts:

9 Oct 2018: Mesh implants: Government issues national apology over 'agony and pain' caused by device:

5 October 2018: AdvaMed's CEO dismissed The Bleeding Edge documentary as "entertainment." He is wrong:

31 July 2018: Lynda Plumb says she has had surgeries before, but the pain has taken 10 years away from her life and impacted
her retirement plans:

27 July 2018: Netflix Premier: 'The Bleeding Edge'. This eye-opening look at the fast-growing medical device industry reveals
how the rush to innovate can lead to devastating consequences for patients:

26 May 2018: Hernia Mesh: An Absolute Health Disaster:

29 March 2018: Australia investigates implants that left some women with 'rotten pelvises':

29 March 2018: Pelvic mesh implants: Further legal action on the table after scathing Senate report:

28 March 2018: Pelvic mesh implants 'one of the biggest medical scandals' involving Australian women:

18 February 2018: Derryn Hinch on Senate report into pelvic mesh:

8 January 2018: Woman appeals to Ottawa for temporary ban on female pelvic mesh:

21 December 2017: Mesh ruined our lives:

12 December 2017: Surgical mesh victim 'overwhelmingly emotional' after move to scrap products that left hundreds in awful
chronic pain:

30 November 2017: Regulator takes action on controversial mesh:

28 October 2017: Surgical mesh: A question of consent:

30 September 2017: Canadian TV investigates: As lawsuits mount, doctors insist surgical mesh is an important tool
(Parts 1, 2 & extended):

25 August 2017: Mesh campaigners take fight to Australia:

15 August 2017: Emails show doctors' bizarre attitudes to women's health:

14 August 2017: Lamborghinis, ski trips used to market controversial mesh implant to surgeons, documents show:

4 July 2017: Vaginal mesh implants: Class action against Johnson and Johnson begins in Federal Court:

19 June 2017: 'Nothing has been achieved' - anti-mesh campaigners:

31 May 2017: Women urged to speak up on painful transvaginal mesh implant side effects:

16 May 2017: Concerns grow over side effects of pelvic mesh implants on Life Matters- RN:

28 April 2017: Peggy Engleman v. Ethicon - Jury hands down $20 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson in vaginal
mesh case - $2.5 million in compensatory and $17.5 million in punitive damages:

16 February 2017: Prolift mesh: What did Johnson & Johnson know? (English subtitles) Radar Broadcast 21-9-2015:

10 February 2017: Class action launched for victims of Johnson and Johnson mesh implants:

29 November 2016: Transvaginal Mesh: Senator Derryn Hinch addresses the Australian Senate:

22 November 2016: Senator for Victoria, Derryn Hinch addresses the 'mesh scandal' in the Australian Parliament:

Derryn Hinch

15 August 2016: Did Boston Scientific Smuggle Counterfeit Mesh Materials From China?:

31 August 2016: Medsafe responds to concerns over surgical mesh:

25 August 2016: Govt responds on surgical mesh:

24 August 2016: Govt surgical mesh response falls short - campaigners:

16 August 2016: Beshear files lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over surgical mesh:

27 July 2016: Labour steps up fight on surgical mesh:

19 June 2016: Women with pelvic mesh report painful, intractable infections:

11 June 2016: Heal or harm?:

10 June 2016: Gynaecologists voice concern over surgical mesh in women causing harm:

10 June 2016: Gynaecologists voice concern over surgical mesh in women causing harm:

3 June 2016: Surgical mesh campaigner (Charlotte Korte and Dr Hanifa Koya):

25 May 2016: Johnson & Johnson Mesh Press Conference:

25 May 2016: California Attorney General Sues Johnson & Johnson Over Transvaginal Mesh:

22 May 2016: What is medical mesh?:

10 May 2016: Jaynie Morris Club: Chris Ilsley 6PR Female 'Mesh Insert' Controversial Interview 2016:

21 April 2016: On the Spot with Colleen Hutchison: Expert Hernia Roundtable (Part 2):

4 April 2016: On the Spot with Colleen Hutchison: Expert Hernia Roundtable (Part 1):

2 April 2016: Canadian women reach transvaginal mesh settlement:

31 March 2016: Mostyn Law calls on FDA to ban Boston Scientific surgical mesh:

25 February 2016: Bay Area women call for a ban of transvaginal mesh, bladder slings as FDA issue more warnings:

16 February 2016: Veteran investigative reporter and co-founder of Mesh Medical Device News Desk website Jane Akre
explains the serious medical problems caused by mesh implants, and why corporate-media coverage has been scant:

13 November 2015 2015: ICS 2015 Montreal - Top Papers of 2015 That Will Change Incontinence Research and Practice:
(fast forward to 12.14 for synthetic mesh tapes)

29 October 2015: Dutch consumer programme reveals how to get a 'device' approved - CE-Mark for sale (English subtitles):

16 August 2015: Australian women are taking on a major American medical company after suffering devastating side effects
from products used to support weak pelvic floor muscles:

27 May 2015: Surgical mesh claims mount

27 May 2015: Campaigners call for surgical mesh inquiry

1 December 2014: Dutch consumer programme reveals how to get a ‘device’ approved for CE mark:

18 November 2014: Law firm investigates more painful complications from pelvic mesh:

July 2014: New Zealand petitioners: Carmel Berry and Charlotte Korte (2 interviews):

23 July 2014: Johnson & Johnson Blue Sh*t Coverup: Papantonio video:

2 July 2014

May 2014: Johnson & Johnson continues to kill women: Papantonio video:

24 March 2014: Mesh sufferers petition New Zealand Government for an Inquiry:

24 November 2013: Women angry over side-effects from another Johnson and Johnson product:

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18 October 2017: Pelvic mesh scandal: Northern Ireland victims to have their say at Westminster: