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Our Three Meshketeers demand swift intervention to bring
Dr Veronikis here without further delay

Neil Findlay MSP

Alex Neil MSP

Jackson Carlaw MSP

The Scottish mesh survivors represent everything that is good about humanity. Their fighting spirit, drive, determination to get to the truth and prevent others from being harmed like they have been is a model for any social justice campaign.

Together we will bring the mesh manufacturers to justice, we will improve the care and treatment of mesh injured women and we will ensure this appalling product is never implanted in another woman.

Neil Findlay MSP


“I hope that 2020 will be the best year ever for the victims of mesh. Hopefully this is the year when we get Dr Veronikis to Scotland to start undoing the damage which so many women have suffered from botched mesh operations in Scotland.

And I hope it’s the year when we can finally put an end to mesh injustice.”

Alex Neil MSP


Scottish Mesh Survivors were finally given the opportunity in November for much sought after meetings with the First Minister in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Important points were raised by mesh injured women and we must now see progress on a range of key issues after the First Minister agreed to give them detailed consideration.

Having worked with Scottish Mesh Survivors since the campaign began it is incredible to see how the lives of women such as Claire Daisley and Lorna Farrell can return to some normality after travelling to the USA and visiting acclaimed mesh surgeon, Dr Dionysios Veronikis.

Bringing Dr Veronikis to Scotland must now be the top priority.

Jackson Carlaw MSP

How we met and grew
Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy   Their friendship was born out of adversity and a determination that no other women would have to suffer the devastating effects of mesh surgery.
Today they are the best of friends, two women united in a common aim, to ensure no other woman is put at risk from the polypropylene mesh implants which have devastated hundreds of thousands of lives across the world.

Before they knew each other, Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy were struggling to come to terms with constant pain and crippling side effects of a surgery that was supposed to 'change their lives'.

Both had been told they were 'unique', that the life changing injuries both had suffered had never been seen before. When the two women found each other, they knew they were not unique, they knew they had to use all their strength to campaign and raise awareness to ensure no other women would suffer the same fate.

Launching Scottish Mesh Survivors 'Hear Our Voice' campaign brought
together hundreds of other women suffering the effects of polypropylene mesh
implant surgery, and changed forever the way the NHS sought consent from
patients. Because of their efforts, not only have other women empowered themselves, their relentless campaign led to the procedures being suspended
pending a safety inquiry.

For the first time, the NHS in Scotland has also been required to seek informed consent from every new patient, telling them each and every side effect of the surgery now at the centre of multi-billion pound legal actions across the world.
Elaine, from Newton Mearns, and Olive, from Renfrew, were both awarded the Sunday Mail's 'Unsung Hero' award for their outstanding efforts, introducing new levels of patient awareness and choice.
Scottish Mesh Survivors  
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  Marion Scott

Marion Scott

Reporter & Journalist
of the Year 2015

As shocked as we all are by the hundreds and thousands of women suffering injuries, I fear we are only just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the mesh implant scandal. I firmly believe this is one of the biggest medical scandals of all time, and believe we will look back at this as with the same despair our parents feel when they look back on thalidomide. The true cost, the lives lost and changed forever, the families left picking up broken pieces, the careers and talents lost from society, and of course our NHS shouldering the cost of treatment, is simply beyond calculation. Just one broken, crippled woman is one woman too many. We know of hundreds and thousands across the world.

How many more before health watchdogs acknowledge the danger of mesh implants? If we do not act now, at least two generations of women could be put at risk of life changing injury by these plastic ticking timebombs. That is why the Sunday Mail is proud to campaign for change, raise awareness, and support the selfless women behind the Scottish Mesh Survivors 'Hear Our Voice' campaign.

Marion Scott, Sunday Mail - 17 March 2015
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